My Olympic Story

I left the office about 6 something and I know I’ll reach home on time, make dinner and get to watch the opening ceremony. But at around 7pm, I was stuck in a wonderful traffic jam along LDP due to some road accident in Sg Penchala. Don’t know where exactly the car accident was since I could only listen about it from the radio. 7pm I was somewhere near Kelana Seafood Centre (no longer operating though) and 7:30 I was still at Kelana Jaya, this time the LRT station. Want to cry.

I didn’t know if I could make it but I was telling myself I must make it home latest by 8pm so I started plotting my way out of this traffic jam. Obediently and blindly following along the LDP wasn’t going to bring me anywhere. So I cut out after the LRT station to Taman Megah and then I came to another traffic jam so took the right turn towards KDU and then of course, it connects me back to LDP but instead of getting on to that road, I opt to drive towards the direction of KL city and took an alternative exit into my housing area. One thing I like about staying where I stay now is that I can enter and exit it using different ways.

Upon reaching the second last traffic light before I reach home, there were also more cars than usual and by then it was already 8pm. I only have 8 minutes left!

Anyway, I managed to get home on time at 8:07pm. How do I know? By the time I switch on the tv, the Astro decoder clock was showing 8:07pm. Suddenly I felt so proud of myself. Hahaha. What exact timing but I think the opening ceremony started earlier than 8:07pm because it was already showing the white Olympic logo in black background when I turn the TV on. But it’s okay since I still made to watch it at 8:08pm. ๐Ÿ˜›

The opening ceremony was fantastic. I like the idea of the scroll, the tiles with people in it and the lighting of the Olympic torch. It was so amazing! Makes you feel proud being a Chinese!

By the time I reached home, (I actually ran to the house after getting down from the car), I was hungry but I just sat there and watch it. I wasn’t moving a single bit until I really cannot stand anymore and had to go pee. Had Maggi only when the athletes starting walking into the stadium. My initial plan was to have rice but wonderful traffic jam had me cancel that plan. Then I started to doze off after I ate and woke up when the Chinese athletes entered the stadium. So super sleepy but told myself must continue watching.

So it ended at about 12:08am and I’m here writing this in super stinky mode.

Happy 080808! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. It was 12am our time when it started. What a magnificent opening! My my was buzzing with excitement till the next morning! ๐Ÿ˜€

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