I went to collect my blood test results today. Finally for the first time in 26 years, I am aware of what my blood type is. It’s AB positive. Blood test results was okay, except for no antibody detected for Hepatitis-B. Urine test results wasn’t as good so I need to go back and consult the doctor who wasn’t in today for a detailed explanation. Then maybe I’ll get Hepatitis-B vaccination when I go back to that lab. But overall, I’m fine. I just need to drink more water as told. Take some watermelon and pineapple.

After that, I went for a body massage which I’ve been craving for a few days ago. Had a 1.5 hour session and a hundred bucks gone. This Chinese lady attended to me and she was good. Painful but not the kind that makes me scream. Painful but very syok kind. So I came home smelling of oil, poorer, happy and sleepy.

I also had ayam penyet for the first time today from Waroeng Penyet. Nice! Nicer if I could dine there with a friend or two instead of taking away. On the menu list, I saw Rawon. This is a Jawanese beef soup. I like it very much. Fell in love with it at Bali International Airport. So I think I want to try this Rawon the next time I go to Waroeng Penyet again. I will bring Iris there! Actually I also love Bali, I hope someone will bring me there. I can plan the itinerary and book the tickets and hotel.  My failed Bali plan a few months ago isn’t going to stop me from going again.

Actually, I just love travelling okay? So if you are in need of a travelling companion, call me!

Yesterday was with another friend. Went to Bangsar to jalan-jalan. She was talking about life target. Like what you want to do with your life and what you foresee yourself to become. For me, I don’t have any special targets or whatsoever. Now, it’s just work for me. Come home not too late, eat and sleep well. Throw in a few swimming sessions in between. Blog and be happy.

Sometimes I feel I’m too young for my age, as in some people at the same age of mine, are already in a advanced level of life, i.e married and settling down, purchasing their own house and etc. I’m still with a piece of blank paper. Sometimes I also feel I don’t know enough but it’s not entirely a bad thing. It keeps life simple when you don’t know too much.

I’m a greater spender than before. I just felt that if I want to eat something and try it for the first time.  I mean I wouldn’t know what would happen to me later or the next day. If I like that top and if it doesn’t hurt my wallet too much, I will get it also. Yesterday, I got myself another duck or a chick (the girl said it’s a chick but when I first saw it I interpreted it as a duck). I think I would name it Si Kurus because it’s skinny. It will be a he since I’ve already got 2 shes (Ducky and Bebeki). So you see, sometimes I think I should lock myself at home because I always get to see something that I like. And when I like it, I will comtemplate to buy it. Buy already feel like scolding myself. But when I see Si Kurus, dia mencuit hatiku.

Okay, now back to house work!

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