Hate Mail

This is killing me. Not knowing if Avril’s concert is still on or not. Been searching for news. Finally found one on NST Online that says final decision is going to be made next week.

Please lah! Give me Avril.

I don’t know how to say this anymore.

Today is another tiring day but the more tired I am, the later I’m going to bed. I tell you, I think I’m sick. Worked till 7 today and still can’t finish my task. Came home tired and ate junk – maggi. And then when my mum calls, she’ll always ask me what I have for dinner everyday. So when she hears maggi, you know what kind of response I’ll get. I can lie but lying doesn’t make me feel good either. So yea, I hated myself a little today for not eating right.

My house is in a mess. And the last I heard, Pappy is coming tomorrow. He never tells me when he’s coming over, it’s always Mummy that’s giving me the hint. So I’m doomed with a messy house and a dad who’s coming over.

I’ve not read the news like for a week already. Last time I used to read it at work, at least I still get to know the headlines. Now, it’s nil. Dare not even surf at work. I’m also doomed, not being informed and kept abreast of the latest happening in the country. All I know is the pending Avril’s concert fate but that also I got to know it from a friend instead from the news. So that is one more thing I hate.

Have not been swimming the entire week or more. Double hate.

Have not cooked the entire week. Mum is not happy. So I’m not if she’s not. Making me feel like I’m poisoning myself. Actually what makes it hard is because I don’t have a company for dinner. Else, I don’t have to worry so much. And the thing that I’m staying back at work isn’t bringing me anywhere.

I would really need to prioritise and to figure out a plan to revert my life back to normal.

Don’t think I’m going to be loveable until the weekend is here.

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