I Want My Avril!

<Beginning of Rant>

First of all, I just need to rant about one thing. There’s news that Avril Lavigne’s concert has been cancelled and there is also a news shortly after that in The Star online that the organisers will try to stage the concert. I don’t understand why it is so hard to have a rock concert in Malaysia. If it’s going to be cancelled, I’m going to be VERY DISAPPOINTED with our country. And why at the very last minute? Bought the tickets, took leave specifically on that day to attend the concert and now this. And that isn’t solely why I’m angry. I’m angry because I don’t see how rock is going to corrupt us.



</End of Rant>

Today is a much better day. In fact, it made everything that I talked about yesterday seemed small. I think I blown it out of proportion a little. In spite of what I’ve written, I still think I’m lucky to have this job and I’m destined to have this job at this juncture of time. Sometimes we just don’t need to think too much to complicate things. I must learn how to simplify my thoughts. Writing it out helps even though what you wrote yesterday makes you look like an idiot today. If I don’t write it out, I don’t think I’ll be okay today. I’ll still be stuck in that solemn mood.

My favourite Olympics sports is going to be shown from tomorrow onwards. Rhythmic Gymnastics! Synchronized Swimming (started already) and I enjoyed watching the Trampoline event. First time I’m seeing such a sports event. I think the China team is doing a very impressive job this time around. I enjoy watching the Olympics this time around too. There are things that you appreciate more when you get older because you understand it better. The next time when the Olympics comes around again, I’m going to be 30 already. Anyway, I die die also must watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics. I should be able to make it even though I’ll be picking Iris up from the airport. Come back home I think ngam ngam the time. Hopefully I don’t need to go through what I went through, rushing back to watch the opening ceremony but getting caught in a terrible traffic jam!

A Silver for Malaysia!

Okay, he lost but so what?

I’m a little disappointed too but that’s because I’ve harboured high hopes and was actually dreaming that we could score a gold medal for the very first time. I was hoping maybe he could beat Lin Dan but on the other hand, I know Lin Dan will be a very very tough opponent for him. Lin Dan was just world class tonight. He made it looked so easy.

But nevertheless, let’s congratulate Lee Chong Wei, shall we? He played very well in the previous matches but he just couldn’t beat Lin Dan this time. We should, at the least commend him for his efforts. I’ve always like Chong Wei as a badminton player hence this post. 🙂 I think he’s got a very good attitude. (Better than Lin Dan because sometimes he’s a bit action la and he’s got this pattern of always requesting  to change the shuttle cock, and when people served, he will hold up his hands and say he’s not ready. I’ve seen him play live before in KL, it did annoy the crowd.) That’s because he’s super good so I think he can afford to act that way. You can hate him but you got to love him for being such a wonderful and terrific player.

The main point is….I still like Lee Chong Wei.

I hope the media won’t be harsh on him. Just two days ago, we were being so nice with our words on him, making him look like a hero to us already. Now that he’ve lost in the finals, I hope the media doesn’t trash him. I just feel that there are people right now talking really bad about him so I just feel TAK SYOK. But it’s about how they feel and I can’t say they shouldn’t feel disappointed. But let’s just give him a break, ok?

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS TO LEE CHONG WEI! and I LOVE YOU as a badminton fan. haha


I went to collect my blood test results today. Finally for the first time in 26 years, I am aware of what my blood type is. It’s AB positive. Blood test results was okay, except for no antibody detected for Hepatitis-B. Urine test results wasn’t as good so I need to go back and consult the doctor who wasn’t in today for a detailed explanation. Then maybe I’ll get Hepatitis-B vaccination when I go back to that lab. But overall, I’m fine. I just need to drink more water as told. Take some watermelon and pineapple.

After that, I went for a body massage which I’ve been craving for a few days ago. Had a 1.5 hour session and a hundred bucks gone. This Chinese lady attended to me and she was good. Painful but not the kind that makes me scream. Painful but very syok kind. So I came home smelling of oil, poorer, happy and sleepy.

I also had ayam penyet for the first time today from Waroeng Penyet. Nice! Nicer if I could dine there with a friend or two instead of taking away. On the menu list, I saw Rawon. This is a Jawanese beef soup. I like it very much. Fell in love with it at Bali International Airport. So I think I want to try this Rawon the next time I go to Waroeng Penyet again. I will bring Iris there! Actually I also love Bali, I hope someone will bring me there. I can plan the itinerary and book the tickets and hotel.  My failed Bali plan a few months ago isn’t going to stop me from going again.

Actually, I just love travelling okay? So if you are in need of a travelling companion, call me!

Yesterday was with another friend. Went to Bangsar to jalan-jalan. She was talking about life target. Like what you want to do with your life and what you foresee yourself to become. For me, I don’t have any special targets or whatsoever. Now, it’s just work for me. Come home not too late, eat and sleep well. Throw in a few swimming sessions in between. Blog and be happy.

Sometimes I feel I’m too young for my age, as in some people at the same age of mine, are already in a advanced level of life, i.e married and settling down, purchasing their own house and etc. I’m still with a piece of blank paper. Sometimes I also feel I don’t know enough but it’s not entirely a bad thing. It keeps life simple when you don’t know too much.

I’m a greater spender than before. I just felt that if I want to eat something and try it for the first time.  I mean I wouldn’t know what would happen to me later or the next day. If I like that top and if it doesn’t hurt my wallet too much, I will get it also. Yesterday, I got myself another duck or a chick (the girl said it’s a chick but when I first saw it I interpreted it as a duck). I think I would name it Si Kurus because it’s skinny. It will be a he since I’ve already got 2 shes (Ducky and Bebeki). So you see, sometimes I think I should lock myself at home because I always get to see something that I like. And when I like it, I will comtemplate to buy it. Buy already feel like scolding myself. But when I see Si Kurus, dia mencuit hatiku.

Okay, now back to house work!

My Olympic Story

I left the office about 6 something and I know I’ll reach home on time, make dinner and get to watch the opening ceremony. But at around 7pm, I was stuck in a wonderful traffic jam along LDP due to some road accident in Sg Penchala. Don’t know where exactly the car accident was since I could only listen about it from the radio. 7pm I was somewhere near Kelana Seafood Centre (no longer operating though) and 7:30 I was still at Kelana Jaya, this time the LRT station. Want to cry.

I didn’t know if I could make it but I was telling myself I must make it home latest by 8pm so I started plotting my way out of this traffic jam. Obediently and blindly following along the LDP wasn’t going to bring me anywhere. So I cut out after the LRT station to Taman Megah and then I came to another traffic jam so took the right turn towards KDU and then of course, it connects me back to LDP but instead of getting on to that road, I opt to drive towards the direction of KL city and took an alternative exit into my housing area. One thing I like about staying where I stay now is that I can enter and exit it using different ways.

Upon reaching the second last traffic light before I reach home, there were also more cars than usual and by then it was already 8pm. I only have 8 minutes left!

Anyway, I managed to get home on time at 8:07pm. How do I know? By the time I switch on the tv, the Astro decoder clock was showing 8:07pm. Suddenly I felt so proud of myself. Hahaha. What exact timing but I think the opening ceremony started earlier than 8:07pm because it was already showing the white Olympic logo in black background when I turn the TV on. But it’s okay since I still made to watch it at 8:08pm. 😛

The opening ceremony was fantastic. I like the idea of the scroll, the tiles with people in it and the lighting of the Olympic torch. It was so amazing! Makes you feel proud being a Chinese!

By the time I reached home, (I actually ran to the house after getting down from the car), I was hungry but I just sat there and watch it. I wasn’t moving a single bit until I really cannot stand anymore and had to go pee. Had Maggi only when the athletes starting walking into the stadium. My initial plan was to have rice but wonderful traffic jam had me cancel that plan. Then I started to doze off after I ate and woke up when the Chinese athletes entered the stadium. So super sleepy but told myself must continue watching.

So it ended at about 12:08am and I’m here writing this in super stinky mode.

Happy 080808! 🙂