Happy Birthday to Pappy!

He’s 55 today.

Worked late again last night till about 10pm but was allowed to come in later to work this morning. And then we were informed that we could leave earlier due to Hari Raya eve. Today is a very happy day because I’m going to have 5 days break starting from tomorrow.

Pappy’s present was still unwrapped as of this morning. Couldn’t find it in the room but saw it lying in the study room instead. Someone was supposed to wrap it but then tak jadi and was left in the study room which I think was visible if Pappy had the intention to peek into the plastic bag. Anyway, Pappy was out playing tennis with Mummy so I had to wrap the present quick. While I was wrapping half way, the door opened and I had to hide!!!

Then, only to realise that it was just mum. Pappy was still playing tennis so I hurried and continued with the wrapping. Then, a few minutes later, he came back and I was hiding the present again. This time I had no choice but to hide in the bedroom. I had to fork out touching words for the birthday card in 1 minute and then wake up Iris who was sound asleep. She only managed to sign her name, and not even open her eyes to read the card. That’s how sleepy she was! But I insisted she wake up to wish Pappy.

With all the above, I WAS ALREADY LATE FOR WORK.

Had dinner today with the relatives to celebrate Pappy’s birthday. As usual, I get the “Got or not?” question. My answer would be “Tadak (Tiada)” and am proud of that. I mean, if this is how it’s supposed to be for now and that if my time has not come, then I should be contented with whatever situation I am in. It’s only how you perceive it.

Before this, there was another dinner with Pappy’s friends and with that, I already have two people telling my mum about the potential guys that they know of that might interest me and they kinda belong to the same category. 30 something, nice guy, worked too hard that’s why no time to get a girlfriend and now wants to look for a wife, quiet and that’s why he suits me. (Seriously, I don’t think I need a quiet guy. I need someone who talks because dah lah I don’t talk that much, I cannot afford to have someone quieter than me.)

I never like this kind of falling in love in such a manner of introducing and meeting arrangement because I’m more to the romantic kind ma. I like to meet someone unexpectedly and fall in love, at least I’ve got story to tell of how I met him. And not saying, “Oh, we met while our parents’ friends think we may be for each other.
You know?

That is my ideal of course but whether or not it will happen that way I don’t know. But as long as I can still afford to keep my ideals, just let me dream a bit lor because I know the more that I dream, the bigger the possibility it will come true…just that it would take longer time for me as compared to the others.

Sometimes I will think about the kind of wedding photos I’ll be taking, the wedding gown that I’ll be wearing and so on. How we will go travelling together and building a family together.

More so lately because I’ll be attending 2 weddings. One I need to become bridesmaid somemore. I like the fact that I get to dress up and to witness my friend’s big, auspicious day and see if any particular heng-dai interests me. You know…I’m really sounding like I’m desperate even though I say like I enjoy to be single forever. So let’s just put it this way, I’m not going to sulk now that I’m single but I’m also not letting go of any chance that I might just meet the right one. Working life is so limited in the sense that you only get to meet your colleagues and I can tell you I don’t even have to think about it when it comes to looking for someone in the office. Tadak juga!

If ever there is a need to answer the most common interview question that employers would ask, “Why did you leave your previous job?” I might just answer, “To look for a life partner.”

Bracie Gracie Life Movies I Watch

Mamma Mia!

Last night was the longest working day of my entire working life thus far. I worked till 11pm with the rest of the team due to unforeseen circumstances. When I came home, it was almost 12 midnight.

The amount of pimples on my just scary. The last time I had a breakout like this was when I came back from UK after attending Iris’s graduation ceremony. I think I have this tendency of breakout whenever I come back after visiting a different country. Maybe it’s the change of just stress.

Went to the dentist today and I was told that I would need to have 2 teeth extracted. One molar and one wisdom tooth on my right upper jaw because it doesn’t particularly do anything now since I have one missing tooth on my right lower jaw so if the upper molar is realigned, I might be biting on my lower gum, which would mean OUCH! I don’t know when the extraction will be done but it’s not going to be anytime soon.

Went for movie today. A movie I’ve been wanting to watch ever since I set eye on the movie banner. I’ve always love musical and Mamma Mia was the first musical I watched in London. It’s a musical based on ABBA’s songs and ABBA’s songs are evergreen and catchy and I don’t know who wouldn’t love ABBA’s songs. So when I knew there’s a movie based on the musical, I was very excited.

Mummy, Iris and I watched it together today and we enjoyed it very much. It was pure 2 hour pleasure. How the storyline matches the songs or rather how the songs bring out the storyline. How meaningful those lyrics are. Makes you wanna sing…makes you wanna watch it all over again. If any of you plans to watch this, I don’t mind coming along to watch it again! 😀

Mamma Mia

And as always, I’m now playing ABBA songs repeatedly. They are stuck on my head now. Humming it whole day already.


Membahagi Souvenir Macam Membahagi Harta

Japan only supports phone with 3G feature and mine doesn’t. So I was practically disconnected from the world. I tried switching my phone on though but then it started to hang and since then it hangs even though I’m back to Malaysia. I don’t know what’s wrong really, if my phone was already starting to act weird and coincidently happened in Japan or because I switched it on in Japan. Wanted to send for repair but the Nokia Service Centre was closed at 8pm and I was there at 8:10pm not knowing they close so early.

I’m now using Pappy’s spare phone. It’s like back to the basics. No hanky panky features. Just plain features.

Was sorting out the souvenirs and it’s not easy. Why? BECAUSE I WANT ALL OF THEM FOR MYSELF!!!

They are so cute. They are really very cute. If they are not cute, I won’t get them in the first place. And they are also very pretty. Just looking at them makes me happy. I only bought one for some so that I don’t need to think whether I should give it away or keep it for myself. Some, I bought more than one which means I have a choice and this is the susah part. Lesson learnt: It’s hard to part with pretty souvenirs even though you know when you bought them, they are meant to be given away to people dearest to you.

I will start off to distribute to only 3 people that is dearest to me at work. Then, I’ll proceed from there.

And don’t get me started on the snacks. They are pretty too. Gosh. So pretty you don’t know whether to eat them.

Sleeping alone tonight as Iris is away for 2 nights with her friends. But it’s okay because I’m going to have a long weekend with her in the beginning of October. 5 days! yummy 😀


Damsel in Distress

This is supposed to start off happy but as I was about to type this, Mummy started her round of nagging and picking on me. It all started because of a lizard that came into the room through the window and apparently it is my fault that the bloody lizard came in. The rest is history because then everything came blowing up, my pimples, my flaws that I know pretty well what they are but they just have got to be dug out and re-emphasised again and again. Hate it when this happens. No notice nor warning. It just comes like a hurricane.

Ok. End of Rant.

Okay..I don’t think I’m done yet.

Beginning of Rant.

The problem with me is I’m still not comfortable being myself. More often than not, I like to linger behind the shell. Wanting to be daring but just doesn’t seem to be able to get out of the shell. The more I try, the more uncomfortable it gets but if I don’t try, I’m just not going anywhere.

Got my confirmation letter today but I wasn’t particularly very happy. Maybe it’s because I was tired and it’s the after effect of a long holiday. Lesson learnt: Never ever go back to work the next day after a long holiday, especially so if you are taking a flight and landing at night.

It felt like crap today and it was so hard to focus. Then the feeling that I was so afraid to encounter with re-surfaced and there I go again questioning about what I want, my life, what’s missing, what’s not missing, why I should be contented, why I shouldn’t be contented just yet, why am I built this way, why is it not okay to have a quiet personality.

I’m still thinking about him, especially when I was in the plane, with nothing to do. I guess there will always be someone in your life that will make you feel that way, pain you in that way, makes you miss them in some ways and it’s going to be like that as long as it can be.

I’m not really thinking about meeting the right one even though deep down inside, that’s what I really want. Maybe that’s the only thing I want right now which is killing me bit by bit. I keep telling myself that it’s okay to be alone. My time will come. But the next question comes, when is it going to be or will it ever happen?

You know..sometimes I’ll go wondering if I will ever end up being alone for the rest of my life. Silly I know but after going through a few bumps in this relationship journey, it doesn’t help.

Please tell me I’m normal to be feeling whatever I’m feeling now. Suddenly I’ll have this feeling that I’m still trying very hard to understand myself. I will also feel like I’m floating, as in wandering aimlessly. Just going through life as it it is, work, go home, then work again.

When you grow older, you are supposed to know what you want right? But why is it that as I grow older, the more confused I get?


I really must write something happy tomorrow.


I’m Back

Konbanwa! 🙂

I’m back and I just took my bath. Tired and I’m working tomorrow.

So…I need to get to bed now. Japan was nice. Very lovely country. Stories for another day, alright?


It means good night.