Highlights of the Day

  • Was at the Padini Warehouse Sale with Iris. Have never seen such queues. Have never gotten myself wet at a warehouse sale but today I did due to the rain and standing under the corner of the canopy which wasn’t fully covered and thus got wet but has got no choice because that was the only way to the cashier and the only way out.
  • I tell you it was madness and I’m not going there anymore because it isn’t worth it. Maybe it was worth it if you went on the first and second day but not the last day because you get to see repetitive clothes on not just one or two sections but more. A pregnant woman was walking in the rain with a baby in her arms and requesting the guy manning the exit if she could come in. Answer was no. I mean…can’t you show some compassion to a pregnant woman with a baby in her arms in a rainy situation? But then again, it was really so crowded, you can’t even bypass the exit to go to the main section so …but it was sad to see lah. And I don’t understand why the pregnant woman came to such a crowded warehouse sale because with a baby in her arms and a big bump, how is she possibly going to juggle with the crowd. Even I have problem standing still when people keep pushing like they’ve got no manners. And you will get remarks smacked right into your ears that certain race is on fasting mode while the other races are not so the other races should retreat and let the fasting race go first. I understand that it is hard for them to withstand the crowd with no food and water and maybe it’s tiring. I don’t know but the remarks that you get to listen, not just one but a few times from different people wasn’t pleasant to hear. I don’t know how to put this but it was so crowded there wasn’t any way to retreat or give way or whatsoever, you just got to keep on moving forward. And look who’s pushing!!
  • In conclusion, it was lousy!
  • Didn’t have the mood to go to another warehouse sale so Iris and I just took our own sweet time at a shopping mall.
  • And we met Amber Chia!
  • Oh yes. Almost everyone in the store was like awe-struck or mesmerised and there was someone who looked at her with his mouth opened. I cannot stop myself from looking at her discreetly all the time until my mind confirms and tells me that “Yes, she’s Amber.”
  • It’s 2:52am and I’m still awake because I’m waiting for Iris to be back. She’s out having a drink with her friends and it has been a tradition for me to wait for her. Not something she requests me to do but I’m just like that.

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