Happy Birthday to Pappy!

He’s 55 today.

Worked late again last night till about 10pm but was allowed to come in later to work this morning. And then we were informed that we could leave earlier due to Hari Raya eve. Today is a very happy day because I’m going to have 5 days break starting from tomorrow.

Pappy’s present was still unwrapped as of this morning. Couldn’t find it in the room but saw it lying in the study room instead. Someone was supposed to wrap it but then tak jadi and was left in the study room which I think was visible if Pappy had the intention to peek into the plastic bag. Anyway, Pappy was out playing tennis with Mummy so I had to wrap the present quick. While I was wrapping half way, the door opened and I had to hide!!!

Then, only to realise that it was just mum. Pappy was still playing tennis so I hurried and continued with the wrapping. Then, a few minutes later, he came back and I was hiding the present again. This time I had no choice but to hide in the bedroom. I had to fork out touching words for the birthday card in 1 minute and then wake up Iris who was sound asleep. She only managed to sign her name, and not even open her eyes to read the card. That’s how sleepy she was! But I insisted she wake up to wish Pappy.

With all the above, I WAS ALREADY LATE FOR WORK.

Had dinner today with the relatives to celebrate Pappy’s birthday. As usual, I get the “Got or not?” question. My answer would be “Tadak (Tiada)” and am proud of that. I mean, if this is how it’s supposed to be for now and that if my time has not come, then I should be contented with whatever situation I am in. It’s only how you perceive it.

Before this, there was another dinner with Pappy’s friends and with that, I already have two people telling my mum about the potential guys that they know of that might interest me and they kinda belong to the same category. 30 something, nice guy, worked too hard that’s why no time to get a girlfriend and now wants to look for a wife, quiet and that’s why he suits me. (Seriously, I don’t think I need a quiet guy. I need someone who talks because dah lah I don’t talk that much, I cannot afford to have someone quieter than me.)

I never like this kind of falling in love in such a manner of introducing and meeting arrangement because I’m more to the romantic kind ma. I like to meet someone unexpectedly and fall in love, at least I’ve got story to tell of how I met him. And not saying, “Oh, we met while our parents’ friends think we may be for each other.
You know?

That is my ideal of course but whether or not it will happen that way I don’t know. But as long as I can still afford to keep my ideals, just let me dream a bit lor because I know the more that I dream, the bigger the possibility it will come true…just that it would take longer time for me as compared to the others.

Sometimes I will think about the kind of wedding photos I’ll be taking, the wedding gown that I’ll be wearing and so on. How we will go travelling together and building a family together.

More so lately because I’ll be attending 2 weddings. One I need to become bridesmaid somemore. I like the fact that I get to dress up and to witness my friend’s big, auspicious day and see if any particular heng-dai interests me. You know…I’m really sounding like I’m desperate even though I say like I enjoy to be single forever. So let’s just put it this way, I’m not going to sulk now that I’m single but I’m also not letting go of any chance that I might just meet the right one. Working life is so limited in the sense that you only get to meet your colleagues and I can tell you I don’t even have to think about it when it comes to looking for someone in the office. Tadak juga!

If ever there is a need to answer the most common interview question that employers would ask, “Why did you leave your previous job?” I might just answer, “To look for a life partner.”

8 responses to “Happy Birthday to Pappy!”

  1. Those questions will never end. Even after you’ve found the right one. And then, you will be asked when you’re getting married. When you’re married, you’ll be asked when you’re planning to have kids. When you have one child, they’ll ask when you’re planning a second child.

    It’s never ending.

    I think it’s better to learn how to cope with all that now than trying to shut people’s mouth, LOL.

    pelfs last blog post..Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge, FL

  2. I’m still at the stage where people ask me what kind of major I’d choose and what kind job I’d want to do when I graduate…and the occasional “Got boyfriend already or not?”.. I don’t even want to think about the zone you’re in yet… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  3. pelf: You are absolutely correct. Better get immuned to those questions.

    vern: We get different sets of questions at different points of our life. I think your zone is way better than the zone I’m in now. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. vern: Don’t worry about it until you reach this zone I’m in now. Just enjoy the zone you’re in now!

    ben: Yea then they’ll start saying when they are your age, they are already married and having kids.

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