I am a confirmed employee on the day Malaysia was formed.

Tak faham?

Today, 16 of September is the day Malaysia was formed. Today, I sort of got my confirmation letter because I’m confirmed but haven’t got the letter on hand. Confirmation came one week earlier so when I was asked to go into the meeting room, I was thinking hard of if there was anything that was wrong with me that my manager wanted to speak to me. Haha!

Long day tomorrow so good night and I’ll see you next Wednesday!

I Can’t Live Without the Internet!

HELLO!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh God, I miss the Internet so much. I miss my blog so much. Did you know I had the suckiest weekend ever? It was like the most boring weekend I’ve ever had. So much so that I was beginning to think that I’m going to turn crazy soon.

Was in Merlimau, Melaka for the weekend. It was a last minute plan. Mummy wanted Iris to visit grandpa before she goes back to the UK and so I had to tag along, had to cancel a plan to meet up with a friend who flew to KL from Australia. She has already “booked” me months ago and now I told I won’t be able to meet her a few days shy from the day we are supposed to meet. Felt really bad but I would feel even worse if I didn’t get my butt to Melaka because my mum just posed me with one question which just left me with no chance to overwrite her decision. “Who is more important? You go and think la!”

I would say both but yea..maybe at this point of time, my grandpa. He doesn’t recognise me. Sometimes he does but when my sister and I switched places at the dinner table, he’ll get mixed up and then I’m just a stranger. He doesn’t remember me. Maybe it has got to do with my short hair. Maybe I haven’t been visiting him often. Maybe I’m forgettable.

Grandpa is cute in his own ways. He’s a kid all over again. The quiet kind and a shy one at times. Like suddenly, he’ll say ARIGATO for no reason and then he’ll laugh and we will laugh. He’s in his room most of the time.

The only time I went out was to Jonker Street on Saturday night. I love Jonker Street but I didn’t have the chance to really “walk” the street because Mum only went to a specific shop and then said we’re done. Iris and I, we wanted to explore and do some window shopping but *sigh*.

We were dependent on my cousin for transport so there wasn’t really much I can do. I spent the whole Sunday in front of the telly. Starworld was showing Desperate Housewives Season 3 marathon so Iris and I entertained ourselves by watching that practically the whole afternoon until I felt like vomiting.

Again, because we had to rely for transportation back to KL, cousin was driving so I only reached KL at 12 midnight due to traffic jam along the KL-Seremban highway because of a car accident and the rain.

When I reached home, it felt like heaven and I found my sanity again because while I was in grandpa’s house, I sort of felt like I lost the purpose of life because I have cousins who looked to me, they have no purpose of life. Well, their purpose is kinda weird and it is hard for me to digest and I feel like I live in a problematic environment and it just affects me. The only reason why we always go back there is because of my grandpa.

Tiring day at work. Following 2 days will be tiring as well. I’m supposed to pack tonight because I’m flying close to midnight on Wednesday to somewhere nice! But I must write at least one entry after a few days, else I tak boleh tidur. I will be working on Wednesday as well even though a normal person would maybe take a day off so that it wouldn’t be so tiring. Well, due to the project’s tight time line, I just don’t have the heart to just take more days off.

I tell you, this is a penyakit because there would be one day, I’ll be thinking back of why I worked so hard when I should just enjoy when I should, just that few days, and then get back to reality again. Another reason is that I’m still new and under probation, I mean I should smile they are even letting me go on leave. But then they had to let me go too even if they didn’t allow me to because I just had to take some days off. OK, before I start talking nonsense..I’ll put this topic to rest.

Writer will be off to Japan. This might be a once in a lifetime trip to Japan. One of my dream destinations. The best part is I do not have to pay for it. That’s why it’s good to be Daddy’s girl. It’s our annual family trip. Pappy would always make sure we go somewhere every year and I’m just glad Iris is travelling with us.

We, the sisters, have already pledge to make time for each other every year to travel once she gets a job in UK. Just the two of us. When you grow older, you have fewer friends. As in fewer friends that really stick with you through thick and thin. Some friends that are close to you, will be staying far away and then you got to find new friends that stay nearer to you. Whenever I see a friend, I will grab him/her and try not to lose sight of them.

I now have friends in the office that I go to the toilet with. We actually set a time to go to the toilet together. This is also a penyakit but a good one I suppose. Should they plan to leave the company, I’m going to be back to zero. So God, please make them stay.

I really need to go now. If I don’t have the time to write tomorrow, wait till I come back from my holiday alright?


Dance of the Dragon

I came back today after dinner with Iris and then drop dead straight on the sofa and slept for an hour. Yea, I was that tired.

Had a late night last night as I went to the movies after work with Iris. Do you know that I’m killing off bit by bit of her cravings and to-do-list in Malaysia before she goes back to the UK? So, one of the things listed in her to-do-list is to watch a movie with me. The last time we did that was to watch Ratatoulie last year. Yesterday night we went for “Dance of the Dragon” starring Singaporean Fann Wong and Korean Jang Hyuk and Jason Scott Lee. Nice! It is the kind of movie that allows you to just sit back and absorb the mood, emotions, script.

Moving at some parts which made me cry one or two drops, and suddenly it will also remind me of the missing boyfriend who is treating me like I’m non-existent. I like this kind of movie because it helps to release stress in a way. When you watch a movie and you cry a bit, you feel so very good after that. I got home at midnight and slept at about 1am, which explains why I jumped straight onto the sofa today after work and slept! But it did help to cure the soul a little. At least, I felt better today, about work, about life, about everything.

Watching movies can inspire, motivate you at times. ๐Ÿ™‚


Dumped 5 bags of unwanted clothings of mine and my sister’s over the years into the donation box for charity somewhere near my house. Feels good because it feels like a piece of junk in the house has been removed.

Went jalan-jalan with my sister again. Had dim sum for breakfast, something which I can only enjoy when I have company. I cannot eat dim sum alone. Just doesn’t feel right.

We ended our outing of the day after dropping by at the pasar malam to get food, fruits and vegetables. When we came home, Iris was asking me not to go to work tomorrow. She wanted us to spend more time together. Coming to think of it, maybe I could have better scheduled my job hunting period to a later date so that I can start my job in October after Iris goes back. Oh well, sometimes opportunities don’t allow you to choose your time. No use crying over this but I know Iris will be bored tomorrow while I’m at work. That’s why my monday and tuesday nights is going to be tiring because I’ll have activities with Iris after work at night so just make full use of the time that we have. Mummy will be coming on Wednesday then I won’t feel so bad as they will have each other’s company then.

Highlights of the Day

  • Was at the Padini Warehouse Sale with Iris. Have never seen such queues. Have never gotten myself wet at a warehouse sale but today I did due to the rain and standing under the corner of the canopy which wasn’t fully covered and thus got wet but has got no choice because that was the only way to the cashier and the only way out.
  • I tell you it was madness and I’m not going there anymore because it isn’t worth it. Maybe it was worth it if you went on the first and second day but not the last day because you get to see repetitive clothes on not just one or two sections but more. A pregnant woman was walking in the rain with a baby in her arms and requesting the guy manning the exit if she could come in. Answer was no. I mean…can’t you show some compassion to a pregnant woman with a baby in her arms in a rainy situation? But then again, it was really so crowded, you can’t even bypass the exit to go to the main section so …but it was sad to see lah. And I don’t understand why the pregnant woman came to such a crowded warehouse sale because with a baby in her arms and a big bump, how is she possibly going to juggle with the crowd. Even I have problem standing still when people keep pushing like they’ve got no manners. And you will get remarks smacked right into your ears that certain race is on fasting mode while the other races are not so the other races should retreat and let the fasting race go first. I understand that it is hard for them to withstand the crowd with no food and water and maybe it’s tiring. I don’t know but the remarks that you get to listen, not just one but a few times from different people wasn’t pleasant to hear. I don’t know how to put this but it was so crowded there wasn’t any way to retreat or give way or whatsoever, you just got to keep on moving forward. And look who’s pushing!!
  • In conclusion, it was lousy!
  • Didn’t have the mood to go to another warehouse sale so Iris and I just took our own sweet time at a shopping mall.
  • And we met Amber Chia!
  • Oh yes. Almost everyone in the store was like awe-struck or mesmerised and there was someone who looked at her with his mouth opened. I cannot stop myself from looking at her discreetly all the time until my mind confirms and tells me that “Yes, she’s Amber.”
  • It’s 2:52am and I’m still awake because I’m waiting for Iris to be back. She’s out having a drink with her friends and it has been a tradition for me to wait for her. Not something she requests me to do but I’m just like that.