For the first time in my life, I actually brought work home!

Because I can’t finish my work even though I went to work slightly earlier and came home later and because I don’t want to stay late tomorrow.

I really really don’t like this.

I have to miss that drama on TV.

Happy Deepavali!

Was home the whole day, nursing a pair of itchy legs. Ada benda yang gigit aku di pantai tu.

Back to work tomorrow, looking forward to it because my mind is already on Friday. I’m going to see my 2 lovely friends again.


That Dress!

Mission: A little black dress.

Number of person: 3

Venue: One Utama

Duration: 8 hours (inclusive of meal time, toilet breaks and yamcha session )

Finally my friend managed to get a black dress of the perfect size, at a boutique, tucked a little corner.

Mission status: Accomplished