The Girl Who Cooks and Cries

Due to the lack of sleep last night (stubbornness of wanting to finish off a blog entry), I felt like a zombie at work today. I can label it the sleepiest day so far working here.

When I came home, it suddenly felt like the house is quieter than usual. I switched on the computer and read blogs that I didn’t get to read for so many days. Then, I didn’t quite have the mood to have dinner. Next, I went lying on the sofa and then I got up and decided to make do with mum’s cooked food which is stored in the refrigerator. And when I was re-heating the yam rice, I was crying as I stir the rice. It was so pitiful, I wasn’t quite sure what happened to me.

Then I continued pouring more tears when I sat down on the chair in the kitchen, holding that bowl of rice while waiting for the soup to boil. Finished my bowl of rice and then drinking the soup as I chat with a friend online. I felt better.

And the only reason I can gather for the reason I cried is that, after Iris has gone back, I didn’t really cry that pitifully because I still had Mummy around and when Mummy flew back a few days ago, I had my friends and my days were filled with activities, attended weddings and all so today is the official day where it all falls back to the quiet house again. I didn’t even have the time to cry or sit down and really be alone. As always, the transition period is the hardest to bear even though what it takes is for me to cry for 10 minutes and then get over with the transition period. I’m okay now.

Met someone and I’ve been thinking about him a lot. The thing is he’s taken. That’s what is happening to the good guys that I come to know of. Well, that’s the reason why they’re taken in the first place. So, I will pray day and night, hoping that I will meet you. I know you are somewhere out there and I’m here waiting.

The Best Wedding Ever!

I’ve just had the most wonderful weekend ever!

It is so wonderful that I’ve been feeling a huge cloud of warmth, happiness, love and laughter blanketing me the whole day yesterday. I can’t say this enough!

I can go on and on talking just about yesterday…like as though I was the one getting married!

Okay, this is going to be long. This post is written at 11:59pm on a Sunday night (19 Oct 2008) and I ought to be sleeping because I need to work tomorrow but I MUST write this. Must savour the very last detail before my memory fails me tomorrow. πŸ™‚

This is the hand corsage that I get to wear with the other jimui-s. My first hand corsage of my life so I was feeling very excited just putting it on. It somehow signifies that we are one level special than the rest.

Reached the bride’s house at 8am than the scheduled 7:30am because we had a late night the night before and we had to wait for our turn while registering as visitor to the condo as there was a lady that was arguing with the security guard. But we were still early as the groom and his hengdai-s only came at 8:45am.

There are 11 jimui-s altogether, which includes a guy. He’s the thorn among the roses and also the youngest of us all. All jimui-s are secondary school mates of the bride and we are all from Sandakan. All of us are working in KL, except for one who purposely flew all the way from Sandakan just to attend this wedding. Very touching!

The colour theme for the jimui-s is white so we were all dressed in white or in something that has got the white element. Very nice.

Let me list out to you the things that we set out to “torture” the 12 hengdai-s.

1. 3 metal plates and 3 metal spoons for the groom and his 2 hengdai-s to knock to greet the neighbours. The groom has to shout out the name of the bride he wishes to marry and then expresses his love. They have to walk along the corridor of the condominium. This is indeed a good wake-up call for the neighbours.

2. Next, was pumping. And we managed to punished the groom’s brother because he wasn’t pumping properly. Punishment = applying masking tape on one of his for leg waxing.

3. More exercise on the way! All hengdai-s were each given a balloon and they had to blow it not larger than the one that we’ve blown as a sample. After that, 3 volunteers had to stand out and they had to wear bras that we’ve prepared by filling it with the balloon that they have blown into the bra. hehe. They then had to piggy ride each other and each pair had to keep another balloon sticking towards the head of the two hengdai-s being piggy ride.

4. We filled up a bucket with water, ICE, an apple, greenbeans and a few blackpepper. One volunteer has to offer himself to bite the apple from the bucket of icy water just using his mouth. No hands allowed and when he managed to bite the apple out of the water, the other hengdai-s would help to eat the apple. It was funny because it looked like they were doing french-kissing. πŸ˜›

5. After the apple is out of the bucket, the hengdai-s have to search for one black pepper among the greenbeans in icy cold water. They passed this with flying colours.

6. Next up was to have 2 volunteers to do pumping and drink a can of Tiger beer at the same. They can only suck 10 times and finish up the can of beer. The groom’s other brother was one of the volunteers and he managed an impressive less than 10 times of sucking and finished up the beer. The other was struggling. He couldn’t drink and you know what happened? We sort of let him go because he was really looking like he’s going to collapse anytime soon. Immediately after that, he was already feeling faint and he didn’t turn up for the wedding dinner later that night. What an impression to make but it sure was funny!

7. Seaweed session. Hengdai-s were ordered to form a line and they have to pass a strip of seaweed from the beginning of the line towards the end. Also looked like they were doing french-kissing!

8. The last was the singing session. We were trying to think of a song on bachelorette party the night before and when I came home the song just came to me and that was it. We set it to be the song to be sung on the day. It’s “I Will Follow You” by Ricky Nelson. It’s the DiGi song if you don’t know it. It’s catchy and I like the part where it goes…

I love you, I love you, I love you
And where you go I’ll follow, I’ll follow, I’ll follow
You’ll always be my true love, my true love, my true love
From now until forever, forever, forever

I will follow you

(In fact, it is playing in the background repeatedly while I’m composing this entry. Aku suka sangat!)

After the negotation of price for the angpow for the jimui-s, the groom was given the key and he opened the grill door to fetch his bride. πŸ™‚

There was the usual tea ceremony for the bride’s side and then all of us were driven to the groom’s house for the tea ceremony for the groom’s side and we had buffet lunch.

That’s what we did during the day…let’s continue with the night story.

Wedding dinner was held in Klang and by the moment we register ourselves and get to our respective table, we were greeted with very lovely door gifts. A pair of chopsticks or a small photo frame. I settled with a pair of red chopsticks.

You know how there’s this usual song playing and then the bride and groom marches into the hall or restaurant? This one was very special. It was so nice. I clasped my hand as soon as the door opened and I saw my friend holding a mic, walks into the hall, singing…

Tonight I celebrate my love for you
It seems the natural thing to do

Then the groom continues with the duet, walking into the hall, trying to catch up with the bride

“Tonight no one’s gonna find us
We’ll leave the world behind us”

And then together they sang, “when I make love to you…tonight

😑 😑 😑

And then they continued singing.

I almost died. It was so nice. SO NICE SO NICE SO NICE SO NICE SO NICE.

Aku memang suka benda macam ni. And I can’t say this enough!!!

(And I’m playing the song “Tonight I Celebrate My Love” by Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack from this paragraph onwards.)

Dinner started, followed by the compulsory yam seng. We shouted like mad. πŸ˜€

Do you know why I enjoyed this wedding the most? Being involved as a jimui is one thing, being involved as a team of jimui of the same secondary school and hometown is also one thing. Having the games successfully executed with the hengdai-s being so sporting and co-operative. The fun and laughter during fetch-the-bride session. The detailed and attentiveness of the bride and groom’s wedding planning and arrangement. They sure did planned well. The mind-blowing entrance by singing the duet. The lovely door gifts. The lovely photo slides.

The one thing that touched and affected the most is when I know that my friend is marrying a guy that I really do think will take care of her and make her the luckiest woman. And this guy comes from a family that is very close-knitted and loving. The moment I saw the groom’s parents talking to the couple during the tea ceremony, you will feel so moved and warm. I don’t know how to explain this but you can just feel the vibe without even needing to know the family beforehand. I’m feeling very very happy for my friend. I really do!

I’m still lingering in the mood of the wedding after-effect. Because it is so beautiful, I think I need some time to recover from being dreamy and all. Makes you want to get married, really.

Timestamp: 1:15am. Took me an hour plus to write. Now I really have to go to bed.

I hope this post cures your Monday blues. πŸ™‚


I came home last night to find myself looking all over the house for junk food. This is a very obvious sign to say that I’m stressed and not quite happy and need junk food to make me feel happy again when in fact, what it does is making me feel more junky after that.
I think I need to start to sign up for Yoga classes already, been telling that to myself since the start of the year and look, now it’s almost coming to the end of the year.
I need to get some Japanese green tea too. The one thing I regretted not getting from Japan for myself is GREEN TEA. Iris and Mummy did get green tea for themselves, except for me. I was more into looking for cute souvenirs and cute food so I wasn’t really paying attention in getting green tea and I wasn’t too much of a green tea fan. I know it’s a healthy drink but I wasn’t so crazy about it.
But I’m crazy about it now. I got this free sample from Purple Cane and there was this little leaflet inside which listed out the benefits of drinking green tea. The first one was it improves body metabolism, reduces spots and PIMPLES. I will make it a habit of drinking green tea every afternoon in the office. Now, I need to hunt for good green teas.
I am in love with Himalaya A-N-P Cream (Acne and Pimple Cream) because for some reason, my pimples are beginning to fade and I need my face to co-operate with me until the end of this weekend the very least because I need to be in tip-top condition.
My skin is kinda hard to understand. It is of combination type which means it can be oily and yet dry at the same time. When you have pimples, it’s normal to think that it’s due to oily skin but we often overlooked the fact that it could be due to dry skin as well. Why? Because when the skin is dry, it produces oil/sebum to “moisturise” itself but this kind of sebum is the clogging kind so therefore, it clogs the pores and what do you get? MORE PIMPLES!
The trick here is to control oil and at the same time ensure that the face is well-hydrated.

More “floating through life” feeling surfacing for the past few weeks. It is going to be a tiring weekend, starting from Friday morning. After work, I’ll need to attend a bachelorette party. Friend is getting married the next day. And we’ll be waking up pretty early as all the jimui-s would have to gather by 7:30am. This is even earlier than going to work. Then I’ll only be having a few hours of break then off I go again to Klang for the wedding dinner. I guess I’m the driver with 3 passengers following and I have no idea how to get to Klang and so shall depend on wisdom as and when I’m on the road.

Will need to play host as friends are staying over. I’m gonna attend another wedding dinner the next day. This time right smack in the middle of KL city and I have no idea of how to get to that restaurant and need to play driver for another colleague and I have no idea of how to get to her house but I shall sort it out.

Just thinking about the driving is enough to kill me, especially on a Friday evening after work. Makes me wanna cry. But I oughta be excited and happy la because I can get to dress up. I’m the kind of person who needs time to relax or in a state where my mind is able to digest what I’ll be doing so that I won’t feel so tired.

Mummy is leaving tomorrow and I’m in this mode of happy and sad. Happy that I will get more time for myself. There are things that you just can’t do or things that you can do but you will always be thinking and pleasing your mom because you want to make her happy so you try to fulfil the best that you can.

Sad that I was already missing her a few days before today and I won’t come back home to have someone to talk nonsense with.

And when Mummy is flying back, the nagging starts and it’ll go on a lot. Just absorbing those facts kills some of my brain cell. And as always she cooked up a storm and was telling me I’ll have enough of food supply for 2 weeks. This is the part where it’s never going to change. Her overcooking and me having trouble finishing those food……but I will try because if I don’t finish them, I’ll get another round of good nagging. I don’t know and I hate to say this but sometimes I really feel tired of eating, and finishing food even though I’m already very full but I just have to sumbat some more into my stomach because my mum keeps pushing the food to me. This I call….eating pressure. Because if I don’t…I kena scold again. Aduh.

You feel tired just reading what I’m writing, right? Because I’m so tired writing this but I still have to write this because that is the only personal space I have for now before I go insane again before the weekend comes.

I need STRENGTH and a SMILING FACE. My face now is so gloomy, it can start a storm. Something in my life is missing and I really mean it’s missing because I feel LOST again.

This will end abruptly. Thanks.

Smelly Pyjamas!

I have nothing to write about actually, unless you want me to write about work…but that isn’t really something I would like to write about for now.


“Why do you have so many pyjamas lying on your bed?”

HAHA. Because I don’t remember that I still have the pyjamas I worn the night before so I took a new one and wore it last night only to realise I already have a pyjamas lying on the bed. And because I’m already wearing the one I was wearing, I didn’t bother!

“Besides, smelly pyjamas are nicer to sleep in. It is softer.”

“Okay, which one do you want to wash?”

“Anyone will do.”

“What is anyone?”

“Choose the one that is smellier.”


“Smell it!”

“I’m not going to do that!” *shows smelly face*

Mummy walked into the study room with two pyjamas.

“Please smell them for me.”

I cannot stop laughing.

*sniff sniff*

“Okay, I think this one is smellier.”

“Yea, I think so too.”

This is the part where I totally laughed out loud! πŸ˜€

Mummy did smell both the pyjamas!