I really enjoyed my dinner tonight. Really really enjoyed! Was having dinner with my friends at Shabu-Shabu Restaurant, Bandar Puteri Puchong. Opposite of Giant Hypermarket and same row as Citibank, a few doors away from Old Town White Coffee.

Shabu-Shabu is a kind of Japanese hotpot/steamboat and I’ve always love shabu-shabu. The one that we had in this place allows you to have your own pot so you can just dump in whatever you want and enjoy your meal. You can go figure what to put in your soup to make it sweet and tasty. They have lots of ingredient to allow your creativity to flow in terms of making the soup. Maybe it’s just me. I go crazy when I see ingredients like radish, tomato, cabbage. I’ll dump those in my soup, let it boil while I enjoy the rest of the food, accummulating the sweetness of the soup so that I can enjoy as I go on.

Loved the fish slice and I must say the thin sliced pork is very yummy. And they serve you a special kind of sauce that you can dip with. It’s buffet style and there’s a kaiten belt in front of you, like those you find in a Japanese restaurant, you pick whatever you like. It’s all stored in little plates, all neat and clean.

RM26.50 per pax and you can eat all you want. I was eating non-stop for about an hour and I finished the whole pot of soup.

2 more working days and I’m off for a holiday! CAN’T WAIT!!!


Showdown of Champions

I’m going to have a sleepy day at work tomorrow. It’s 1am and I just took my bath and all getting ready to bed. Was at the Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil to watch the tennis matches between John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, James Blake and Roger Federer. Among the 4, I only know one of them, which is Roger Federer so I wasn’t really 100% excited to go watch the match. I was there because I’ve got free tickets. Pappy got them from don’t know where and his friends were tagging along….and Pappy wasn’t sitting with me. He upgraded himself to sit somewhere for free while I was stuck with his friends. Haha!

But I really enjoyed it. My first time watching a tennis match in an indoor stadium and it was cold inside! John McEnroe was very funny and entertaining. I thought Bjorn Borg was very cool and very “yau yeng”. So I got to know who James Blake is and everybody was going crazy over Roger Federer. You could hear the occasionally, “I Love You Roger Federer!” from the crowd.

I have been feeling quite empty inside generally and I was trying to pin-point what exactly it is that is making me feel like there is no substance in my daily working life. Until a few days ago, I got to talk to someone new at work and it gave me a different shed of light and I was having lunch with someone who I don’t usually lunch with and something kind of hit me…and for some reason, I told myself I want to be a better person starting today. I don’t know how better that would be but I guess I want to put meaning in what I do….even though it’s hard to see how meaningful I can put it into use but it’s do-able.

I need to have that spark of passion lighted up to get going again. Half of the time, I’m just trudging through. It’s easy getting trapped in doing what you do everyday, you already know the routines, you know what steps you need to go through but we often forget that we must also understand and have a bird’s eye view about things that we do and why are we doing it. Sometimes we know certain things must be done in certain ways but we never go figure why it must be done that way…or could there be any other ways to get things done.

So you see…I’ve got a lot of thinking to do. This came about as I’ve been staring at the same thing for so long that I figured I have to put some colours on it…else it’s going to be just plain dull and boring for the days to come.



Losing Myself in a Good Book

It has been 2 days that I woke up way around lunch time. It doesn’t happen very often because I usually get up before 9, the most 10, on weekends. The best time during bedtime is not when you are about to kiss the world goodbye and leave all your sorrows behind, but it’s that time when you just woke up and you’re still lingering on the bed, the soft blanket covering your body and your face partly. You dream about the goodness of the day ahead and smile at your stupid soft toy duck.

Then you see the book laying next to you that says, “Read me. I know you can’t get enough of me. Go on, flip me open and devour every word in me.”

And so I spend the next 2 hours or so, reading on the bed. It was when the time was approaching 1:30pm that I finally got out of bed to make myself fruit juice (2 oranges, 1 red apple and 1 big green apple) and continued with laundry and cooked porridge.

Then, dived back onto the sofa to finish the book. There is a need to finish it today because I can’t wait but to know what will unfold for the characters in the book. Found myself repeating the same line again when I come across a quote that strikes the chord in me, thinking of how brilliant it is that someone can come up with this. Then, I’ll repeat it again out loud in my mind and heart, wanting to absorb the very essence of the words and the meaning to it.

I managed to finish the book and I feel so much better.

Sometimes all you need is just a book or a movie to turn your life around again.


I Like to Move It Move It

It just dawned upon me that I now have more girl friends than guy friends. The people that I hang out with lately are all girls group. Office also all girls. Lepak with my hometown mates also all girls. So maybe that explains why when I see a male species, I go berserk.

During my college days, I used to hang out with the guy group because I didn’t really liked some of the girls. And I thought the guys were more understanding and less fussy then and they took good care of me.

Now, I find peace and joy, just yakking away with the girls about problems, minor annoying stuff, basically everything under the sun, including my darkest secrets. It’s the girls who are taking good care of me now that I have no luck with guys whatsoever.

Let me explain the berserk part. You see, when I see a new guy or a friend or a friend I’ve not met for a very long time, I’ll sometimes go imagine about if we would look cute together. Then, if I think I like him, I’ll ask myself the “50 years” question. This is a popular question by my dad. He doesn’t have to ask you if you love the guy and it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t love the guy who you’ve chosen to be with. All you need to answer him…is if you could live with this guy you’ve chosen for at least 50 years.

My dad is definitely not in a hurry to see me being married off and I kind of know why. It feels like he’ll lose a daughter as in I’ll love my husband more than I’ll love my dad..and so he’s keeping me as his daughter as long as it can be…though I know deep down inside, he also wishes I’ll get someone soon.

My mum absolutely wants me to be married off as fast as possible. She worries about me more than my younger sister because I do not have someone to take care of me but my sister does. But I also think she would also be the one who wished it didn’t happen so fast when it really happens. 😀

Anyway…it’s 2:44am and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing staying up so late. I watched Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa today. SO CUTE. SO FUNNY. I repeat. SO CUTE!!!

There were 2 mascots today outside of TGV One Utama. Alex the Lion from Madagascar and the penguin! I almost died when the penguin flipped its flipper. I stood there for a few minutes with an idiot smirk plastered on my face.

I’m a sucker for cute things and it only gets more serious. You only need to look at my work desk. Getting filled with more cute stuff because my motivation and passion for work is boosted by cuteness.

It’s 2:55am..I’m a little sleepy but I want to continue reading “My Favourite Wife” by Tony Parsons. I just love this book lah. Really love it. I read it before I go to bed and the first thing when I wake up in the morning, even before I brush my teeth.

Oh…book book, here I come!



Just got back from dinner at JayaOne. My second time there. The first time I went there, I dined at Kissaten, a fusion Japanese restaurant. You will love it just looking at the menu. Pretty and unique.

This time when I went…I went to Kissaten too. Sometimes I’m just like that. When I like it, I would want to bring others there too. Celebrated birthday for an ex-colleague, now my friend, with other colleagues. I like it very much lor!!

Today is a definitely a better day than yesterday. Yesterday I wasn’t being myself. Like one perempuan gila only.

Someone asked if I’m a fresh graduate. Make me so damn happy only.