My Saturday was quite a disaster.

Morning went on as scheduled. Visited the dentist. I was the first patient for the day. Supposed to have my tooth extracted but it has been postponed again because I think it’s quite complicated, my dentist took another mould of my set of teeth for another round of research and study. I quite like that actually, instead of just simply extracting any tooth of mine to make space. I think he’s trying to save my teeth so he’s trying to extract as minimal as possible. He also showed me the before and after pictures. What a difference! 🙂

The next plan was to go shopping with my mum for some CNY goodies as she’s flying back tomorrow and would like to bring some CNY goodies back. Then my cousin sister called inviting us to attend her house-warming. Knowing that my aunt from Singapore is up in KL, Mummy wanted to meet her so there was a sudden change of plan to go for the house-warming instead.

Info given was that someone will pick us up at 12 something…but we ended up waiting till 2pm. My cousin sister told mum that the house-warming will be at 3pm and she will be home by then. Reached Klang at about 3pm but cousin sister is not back yet.

Guess what time she got back? I don’t know because we waited till 6pm. 3 FREAKING HOURS and she’s still nowhere to be found and the best part is the house-warming was actually a dinner. So I don’t know what the hell for we go there at 3pm. And that the host is not home and the guests got to wait for her?

I spent my time staring at the ceiling, table and the wall.

Reading Sin Chew Jit Poh for 3 times. Basically kept flipping the papers even though I’ve already read it. Repeated this process for 3 times…I almost gone crazy.

Then my aunt (cousin sister’s mum) knew that someone was on the way to pick us up to go home. She wasn’t please and kept insisting we heard the wrong information (so much for protecting her own daughter) and she was like nagging in a very nice way to me. In the end, I got quite sick of it that I just blurted out in a very nice way too that I have not had lunch because of the wait and my mum is flying home tomorrow and shopping is not fully done yet and no one informed us it was supposed to be a dinner. And because we didn’t drive there, we have to wait till all the guests who comes for the house-warming later in the evening to go home before the assigned driver can send us home. I just cannot imagine going through that already lor. God knows how long the dinner will last…considering that we already wasted 3 hours just waiting.

I will never leave my guests unattended. I mean it’s ok if it’s a crowd and you can’t personally see through everyone’s need but at least… at home la. Not out shopping..enjoying yourself and we have to wait you like you are don’t know who only.

So..that was how I spent my Saturday.

Tomorrow will definitely be better utilised than today. I will go shopping by myself when Mummy leaves. Then come home, and start with my office work. Not the kind of life I want to have but I’d have to make do with it now because that’s the only choice I have.

I can’t wait for Chinese New Year!

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