Mummy flew back today and Gracie’s lone adventure starts yet again! Actually sometimes I think I’ve gotten used to being alone that I don’t get used to have people staying with me. Most of the time I talk to myself when I’m alone. Not loud out but the brain keeps talking to me, my heart tells me something and I respond to both of them with the silent talking.

Went to the hairdresser to have my fringe cut to be of the same length. They call this, “brow skimming bangs”. A new word I learned today from the Internet. That was what the hairdresser wanted me to have when I went for rebonding two months ago but I wasn’t very comfortable with the same-length fringe hovering over my forehead, slightly above my eyebrows, so I had it layered but it can get messy at times…so I thought I should go with her preference. I think it looks fine now. Like a Japanese doll. keekee

I never like bangs for that matter but 8 out of 10 hairdresser I go to would like to  cut me a fringe because my forehead is high so it looks nicer if it’s covered with bangs. Do you know what they say about having a high forehead? Intelligence! *Gracie runs to mirror and says “I have a high forehead. Intelligent I am!”*

Went to settle 2 police summons. Not mine but had to pay with my own money.  DON’T ASK ME ANY FURTHER!

Mr.Policeman doesn’t have enough change and credit card machine wasn’t working so I had to purposely go buy a soya bean drink to get smaller change.

Bought a dress. Dark red. Tube dress. Lovely! The main objective I went shopping today and I’ve accomplished it. It was just there waiting for me to come get it. ahaha. Wanted to shop some more but I was hungry so the shopping mood slipped off my mind immediately.

There was an acrobatic show when I was about to leave so I joined the crowd and watched it too. In fact, there will be a lion dance at 6pm but it was only about 3pm when I was done with my shopping and I really don’t know how to kill time if I were to wait till 6pm…so..yea..I left. I’m still hoping to have a chance to catch one before I fly back for CNY because I’m a sucker for lion dance. Puts on a smile for me whenever I see one. I have very high respect for people moving behind the lion. Usually I refer lion dance as “Tak Tung Cheng” because that’s how it sounds like. “tak tak” when the drummer starts beating the drum and the lion starts to move. “tung tung” when they move here and there la. And finally “cheng” is the sound of the cymbals.

Some will call it “tung tung qiang” also but I like to call it “tak tung cheng” okay? 😀 This is a childhood term which has since stayed stuck in my head.

I have no idea how to start with my work man…maybe I should get an early dinner and then start off.


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