Just Do It!

Who, being loved, is poor?

You used to see this, don’t you? Right smack in the front page of this site just before the blog entries. This quote from Oscar Wilde has stayed with me since I started this blog. It’s already sipped deeply into my veins, I can change to another quote which indeed applies to me and I need to see it everyday so that I’m reminded time and time again that “If you truly decide to, you can do almost anything.”

Because I’m always in doubt half of the time, of my ability. I want to do it, I think I can do it, the next minute, I think I cannot do it and I keep thinking of why and how I can’t do it. BUT BLOODY HELL I KNOW I CAN DO IT IF I REALLY REALLY WANTED TO. ALL I HAVE TO DO IS JUST START. START! FOR GOD’S SAKE!

okay. my throat hurts.

List of things I truly need to do:

  1. Read. (I have not been reading the newspaper properly at least for the last one month due to work commitments because I’m reading other stuff. I also need to slowly finish up the books I have whenever I have the time. Even catching up on my favourite blogs has become such challenge because I don’t have that much time to just sit down and sit it all.)
  2. Exercise. (There is something really wrong with me. SWIM lah Gracie. PLEASE GO SWIM! The pool is just a few steps away! and IT’S FREE, it is just lacking of people that I could befriend with. It’s not that you will go up to them and say hi anyway. Hah!)
  3. Build that website. Your new domain name is so sad, it is lying in the World Wide Web draped with advertisements of the domain seller. Give it a fresh new look! Oh come on!!!
  4. Cook. You’re 27. You have to be very comfortable in the kitchen. You have to be in control in the kitchen. This would be a plus for your personal development and goes a long way for your marriage (should you ever be so lucky to find someone to marry you).
  5. Eat your fruits and vegetables. I’m fine with vegetables…it’s the fruits that’s lacking.

Just so you know, I didn’t manage to finish the work I intended to do today. Weekends are meant to be weekends and my brain is just wired that day, it’s hard to change. But I did manage to read something which would help me kick start tomorrow. At least I did a tiny weeny bit.

I’m off to bathe and then sleep.

Good night and have a good week ahead!

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