I’m Home!

Very pleased with myself today. Managed to make myself another cup of apple juice in the morning, cleaned 2 toilet bowls, clear the mess in the study room, paid management fee, packed the remaining 5% of my luggage, water the plants so that it’ll survive for at least 13 days and then left for airport at 11am.

The taxi driver even commented I looked very happy today. Well, yes I am! Because it was still early, he wanted to do one of his personal errand so we took the long way instead of the short way. He took LDP instead of NKVE and stopped by at Puchong Jaya before continuing our journey to the airport. I always follow this cabbie whenever I go to the airport so he’s a man that I can trust and he’s funny. Your ride to the airport will always be entertaining.

He was playing the MYFM’s Chinese New Year album throughout the journey. For some reason, I always get to listen to this album wherever I go. On the radio, on the tv, in shopping mall, in certain shops of shopping mall. I think I can even here it in my dreams! I bought the first CNY CD from MY FM last year but I just didn’t buy this 2nd release this year because I’ve heard it too much to even wanting to buy one! 😛

LCCT is super-packed today. When I went into the departure hall, all I see was two very long queues. I tell you lah…some people are very kiasu, kiasu until they will go line up at the gate even though it’s not even time yet. That also nevermind. Aircraft is still not here yet so why are they lining up..I can never understand. Well, maybe I do, they want to get the front seat. But it’s a pain to see. Because whenever one person starts queueing up..like today..flight is at 2pm..but people starting to queue up at about 1:10pm, the rest of the crowd follows suit! Ridiculous!

I just sat there until the airport staff announced that we can now board the plan and I managed to get seat at Row 5. Not bad. Hahah. Because where I sat was the end of the second queue that was made up after the first line was too long. Sitting next to me were students..probably a couple because they touched hands. Each had a laptop and was browsing through Zhang Zi Yi’s leaked photo at the private beach. Sempat juga aku kepo because I’ve never seen any of those photos yet. Seated in front of me was a little girl who kept turning around and peep at me through the gap between the seat and the window. I smiled and she smiled back and this process repeatedly for a few times and it happened more frequently towards the end of the flight. She must be very happy about flying home too I assume. She will give me a good scan while I’m reading my book and waiting for me to notice her and give her a look and a smile, as though checking if I’m doing fine. We exchanged smiles for the very last time when we got off the plane and she was holding her father’s hand, walking towards the terminal. Sempat juga dia menoleh ke belakang dan senyum sekali dengan saya.

It was so green today as the plane was approaching the airport. So so so lovely. And because I was seated at the right side of the plane, I get to see the word “Sandakan” at the roof of the airport as the plane touched the runway. Can’t describe that feeling. Freaking awesome!

Then the front exit decided to fail on us…only the back exit was functioning so…I had to wait for the whole plane to get down before I could leave the plane…as I was seated at Row number 5. But it’s okay…because I’m home.

Came home, was watching TV when a cat came to sniff my shoes and then it looked like it wanted to untie the ribbon on my shoes. Mum shooed it away but it came back after that, this time scanning me, looking at me with such adorable eyes. When it left..and I saw the same cat again, together with a new cat after I came back from dinner. Still looking…hehehe. This time I took my shoes in. God knows what will happen, maybe I’ll find a missing shoe tomorrow morning!

It’s nice to be home! 🙂

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  1. Enjoy your stay back home!! I wish i could be there,but u know that I am always with u! just not physically. Love u!

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