Deco Done

Over a span of 2 days, I have been visiting supermarkets for 5 times. 3 supermarkets in total, with 2 repeating visits to two of them. Met my former English tuition teacher and a friend while I visited the supermarket.

CNY decoration is all up now and I like the fact that I’m home earlier this year as compared to a few years back where I would normally be flying back 1-2 days before Chinese New Year, just in time for reunion dinner where I don’t have to do a single thing to prepare for it but to savour the dinner and enjoy the rest of CNY.

This year I get to help with the decoration and I think I like it this way. Have not met up any friends yet because I just want to stay home. Coming to think of it, my friends get lesser and lesser each year, the ones that I normally stick with are also those I usually stick with when I’m in KL. Only 2-3 closer ones. This year I feel the need to expand my circle of friends.

Tomorrow it’s going to be an early morning at the market to accompany mum to shop for ingredients for reunion dinner. Something I’ve been doing for a few years lately because I think it’s important. As you grow older, there will be things that you’ve taken granted for last time that you’ll take it seriously now. I used to not following my mum to the market on the eve of CNY because I always felt I needed that extra dose of sleep. But these few years, I was just thinking how many eve of CNY I can have to accompany mum to the market?

After flying back, my face seems to be releasing tension. It’s bumpy with red dots, like detoxing itself, releasing all harmful things that I’m starting to worry because I want to look good on CNY. Then it’s menses day today and for half a day, I’m like lifeless. Uncomfortable and slightly painful. In fact, I had stomach cramp last night when I was sleeping so I knew it was a sign that it’s near. Good that it came today so that I don’t have to appear lifeless on the first day of CNY.

Coming back here is like living the good ol’ life. You have to reduce your speed, slower your pace, walk instead of run. I get to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. No stress or whatsoever. And whenever I come back, I always feel that I want to come back here for good. There are development going on that is certainly going to change this town. More roads are being built and it’s just so nice. No regrets of taking a long leave this CNY to be back home. Wanted to drag it until Chap Goh Meh but tak boleh lah..unless I’m jobless.

Read more predictions of the year of my zodiac until I don’t know what is what. Some say is good. Some say it’s not so good but whatever it is. There are things that I want to do this year. The economic situation may be bad but I don’t see a direct impact on me yet so I’m going to try my luck on one thing that I’ve planned for myself. May turn out well, may be worse than my current situation but my mind and heart has been telling me to just go for it, give it a try so I’ll seize any opportunity coming my way because I need such change.

I need a change.

I need a fresh start.

I need something that I feel is adding value to my life and not robbing my life values away.

eyes are tired. computer is sleepy. bed is so enticing. teeth needs a good brush.

I love Sandakan!

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