Day 10: ????

Frankly speaking, I didn’t feel like going to work today even though yesterday my semangat was like berkobar-kobar. Had to force myself to wake up in the morning because I was so sleepy to a point that is not describable in words.

Pushing so hard for my mind to work in the office. This is after-effect of a long holiday. Didn’t even have the mood to dress up for work but tomorrow I will have to dress up a bit lah. Maklumlah it’s still Chinese New Year. I am like that one.

I’m still trying to find the joy and happiness of my work. Although it isn’t a very good working day today as my heart is left at home and my brain is at work, I’m really trying my best to talk myself in showing a professional attitude. It’s not an easy chore to talk to myself everyday. I’m so hard to be motivated, except maybe if there was a lion dance in the office today then it would have helped to jump start my day.

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