Post CNY

I have turned into a cleaning machine and a very cruel-hearted garbage collector.

You don’t normally see me cleaning during weekdays because my mind will always tell me weekdays are shorter in hours and cleaning takes up longer hours. But today is exception. I actually packed a few more bags of clothes to be given away (some have followed me through thick and thin for 10 years and it’s time to say goodbye, because I’ve grown and the clothes have shrink or that if I put on that tee that fits a 17-year old on a 27-year old, it’s just plain weird)

Changed the bedsheets. Changed the mattress from the middle room to my room. So bloody heavy but I managed it anyway. The old mattress will have a butt mark every morning I wake up. It will sink according to the shape of my butt so it’s time to change to a thicker and harder mattress to support my ever-growing butt.

These are just behind the scenes cleaning/tidying because the whole house is still filthy. I only need to take a few steps around the house to gather my feet with dust. It’s bad I don’t know how I’m going to face my mum when she comes over day after tomorrow to visit my grandpa who is sick and refuses to eat. I will do whatever I can tomorrow.

Cooked these 2 days. It’s kinda lousy tasting but I’m going to fine tune it.

Watched The Oprah Winfrey Show these 2 nights also instead of the usual 8-o-clock news. I think I’m just sick of politics for now and would just like to watch something inspiring and enlightening. I always learn something after every episode of Oprah Winfrey. If you want to know what’s one of my favourite TV’s OPRAH!

I left work in slightly a few minutes after office hours and I’m proud of that. I mean I can linger and stay but I will feel shitty when I come home. So it’s better to come home early while I still can and just live my life.

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