Dear Ducky,

Today is a tormenting day. I can feel my head about to explode anytime. My mouth so tired of talking. It was more stressful that I’ve expected it to be but I am alive still so I think I’m fine..albeit still tired.

Things weren’t very right for me and I just want to have a fresh start. I do not want to be complaining and yet not doing something about it. I’m glad I have the guts to do it. Life is really too short to be miserable all the time.

I did not like what happened today but I will take it as an experience.

At times like these, it opens up my eyes to people around me. How they react, what is their responses, how they choose to use their words. Then I’ll see how I react and respond to the people around me and how I deal with my emotions.

And again, I was put in such a situation where I cannot please everyone. I hate to be in a situation like this but when life throws you something like that, you can’t say you don’t like it because you’ll have to deal it anyway whether you like it or not. There are things that are beyond your control and circumstances will put you in a situation an such that the next right thing to do is just what you got to do whether it pleases everyone or not.

Many complicated things or situations needs only simple decision or action to solve or simplify it. But to come out with a simple decision and actually putting it into action does not seem easy as you think. You need to be firm, you need to know what you want, you need to know why you want this..lastly and most important element..is still being firm.

I’ll be going to the temple on Sunday to thank God for all the good things that I have and thank Him for having Iris’s working visa approved. 🙂 This time I want to pray for my grandpa who refuses to eat through the mouth. I think he’s throwing a tantrum and is seeking attention.

Saturday..I’m going for a massage session with Mummy and we’ll watch Slumdog Millionaire in the cinema. Good movies always cure me! Till then, I’ll hang on there and fulfill all my responsibilities this week.

Got to know that a friend is getting married and was asking me if I could accompany her to choose wedding gowns. I’m very delighted! Because I like to do all this kind of stuff. And very honoured because she thought of me! 🙂

Have a goooooood week!


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  1. For some reasons, I feel that there is so much parallels between us at this point in time. I can so totally feel you, Grace.

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