Bye Bye Teeth!

Finally, the day has come!

I was all prepared for it and actually couldn’t wait for the teeth to be extracted because I don’t see any progress due to the lack of room and space for the teeth to move.

I had 2 of them extracted at 10am today. It’s been 7 hours now and I still don’t feel any pain. A bit surprise about that..because I was expecting some pain. I hope it’s going to be painless even after this. The only painful part is the injection but I wouldn’t really call it painful because it’s like like an ant bite. Then I was asked to leave the room for the gum to get numb while the dentist worked on other patients. So I was nursing with the numbness outside and when I get back in, the dentist helped to do scaling, to clean away my plaques and then extracting my teeth. It was really really fast and I couldn’t believe my teeth is gone without feeling any pain. Wow!


This is how my teeth looks like now. There are 2 gaps at the upper right and upper left jaw in the picture. There’s also a rubber band that is hooked from the 2 teeth towards the back of my lower jaw, to tell the 6 front tooth of mine (grouped together with twisted wire) to move together inward. It may not seem obvious in this picture due to the angle of it but my upper jaw is more protruding than my lower jaw.


This is a close-up picture. Hope it’s not too gross for your liking. hahaha. I will be taking pictures of the gap from time to time to see how long it takes to narrow it.

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  1. Aww.. This brings back the bitter-sweet memories I have.. I used to have 1 tooth extracted every week for 2 months until I was “so used to it”. I mean, I was very afraid of the dentist when I was little and I couldn’t believe it when I said I was used to seeing the dentist.

    Funny how things work, LOL.

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