My Teeth is Moving. Moving.

Read The Star and Sin Chew today while waiting for a friend in a hair salon. It’s been so long I actually finished reading 2 newspaper in a day. But what I read are mostly PKR.UMNO.PKR.UMNO. Can be a bit mind numbing.

Teeth hurt a little last night when I was about to sleep. I think it’s because there’s a gap now so the teeth are doing their job. They are MOVING. I was contemplating whether to pop in that painkiller. It wasn’t so painful that I need it but I just wanted to sleep. In the end, I told myself I can hang on to this numbness and I did. When I woke up today, it no longer hurt. I have to be careful when eating now because I’m sticking to soft food and smaller chunk of food. I’m okay with meat so long it’s tender and it’s small in size. I am not comfortable with the idea of food bumping up the gap of the 2 extracted teeth. Feels a bit geli though I’m not very sure if it would hurt. Maybe the food are already touching them when I eat now and it’s not painful but my mind is playing tricks. I’ll give it a few days before I take out some courage to bite more solid stuff.

I can’t wait for the day when I can chew on whatever I eat without thinking.

One troublesome thing added to the list is that I have to have the rubberband hooked on the braces all the time, except when I’m eating. But I’m sure I’ll adapt to that.

Spent some time with mum at the mall and did some groceries shopping because she wasn’t in a jolly mood. Pappy and her had a fight but they are in talking terms again now. Wanna soak up the remaining weekend with Oprah at 8pm and whatever’s on the telly.



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