Sunday Mornings

I’ve just submitted my income tax form. E-filing is a breeze. The form is much simpler compared to the previous years.

Woke up early in the morning because I suggested to go walk in the park in the morning as compared to in the evening as what we usually do. Mornings are nicer you know? With more people. With the fresher air.

There was a line dance session when we were there and Mummy and I joined in. They did some hindustan moves. Very fun! Have not sweated so much for so long.

We then went to The Curve. While waiting for Mummy to get her facial done, I was at The Borders, trying to keep myself awake with a book. It wasn’t because the book was boring but I was just plain tired from the workout in the morning. I had to lay my head next to the pillar while I sat on the bench and tried my best to finish at least one chapter of the book I was reading.

It’s that time of the month so I was feeling a little chilly and a little grumpy due to the chill and the uneasiness. No pain, which is good.

Just a sidenote, my future child or children will have their teeth monitored from time to time so that they don’t have to suffer from putting on braces like me.

Grocery Shopping

I love grocery shopping.

I love the idea of being in a supermarket even when there’s nothing in particular that I want to buy.

Went grocery shopping with mummy today. Yea, we were lovey-dovey today. Even can kiss if we wanted to.

And I just do not want to look at my credit card bills. Last month’s enough to kill me. This month’s should be equally killing. Mummy’s credit card has expired since last month so I’ve been acting like a second husband of hers…sign, sign and sign. My salary just came in and out just like that. Feels like I didn’t get any salary this month because I had to pay the bills.*sob sob*

She’s got double presents for Mother’s Day this year. A skin care set and a blender-grinder-juicer-cutter machine. She’s so obsessed with it that she’s been looking at the demo by this guy for 3 times on different days whenever we go to the shopping mall that the salesman can recognise her. He must be thinking this lady is SO IN LOVE with the cute product that he’s selling. You cannot let my mum see any wonderful products on cookery, she’ll go very obsessed one. She can have a collection of cookers and still feel she hasn’t got any. Scary or  not?


Power Chain

Went to the dentist today. I was expecting a tooth extraction but HURRAY THERE WAS NONE TODAY!!

Dentist gave me a power chain. I know…sounds so canggih right? It’s just a super strong elastics to close the gap of my previous extraction. Suddenly I feel that my mouth is full of gadgets. And there’s going to be more added to the current collection next month.

Dentist suggested me to have a mini-screw. I don’t really like the sound of those 2 words. Mini-screw. Eww!

It’s going to be screw that would go through the gum. I have this very protruding molar which is giving me problems. I don’t want to lose it so I think I’m going with the mini-screw which would help to support that molar to move inwards then the dentist can extend my braces so that that molar will join the rest of the teeth. I don’t know if it hurts but I would want to think it hurts. Whether or not it hurts, I don’t really have a choice. So it’s just something I need to do next whether I like it or not.

Then, I might need a mini-implant. This one sounds scarier. Mini-screw will be taken off once the molar is corrected. Implant would mean  permanent because I’m planting a teeth. And thanks to my previous dentist who screwed up by removing my healthy molar… I have to do implant for my lower jaw…or else the mini-screw that supports the molar of the upper jaw will be knocking against my gum. I will be cursing my previous dentist until my braces treatment is over. It was supposed to be a much simpler process but because of that molar that was extracted when I was in secondary school, the story has changed.

Anyway, I’m seeing progress with the gap though. It’s still big but I know it’s moving inwards.

God bless Gracie and her teeth!

The Bomb

I was dying for the working hours to come to an end today. I just so wanted to have the weekend approach.

Went dinner with friends and had a very good laugh. It’s been so long since I’ve laughed like that in a restaurant. It was then followed by a movie, “He’s Just Not That Into You”. Go watch it, okay? I’ve read the book, watched the movie today and I just feel like reading the book again.

Some scenes reminds me of the long-gone him and how I used to wait by the phone. I don’t know if it’s sad or pathetic or just a normal process some girls would have to go through but I don’t want to sweat about it anymore. Really.

I still truly believe I’ll meet the right one.

Came home and I don’t know how to deal with my mum. Sometimes when she stays for too long, I think she’s bored or I don’t know, she’ll start to pick on me and all. Like how yesterday, I had to change to another shirt as I was about to go to work because she didn’t approve of what I was wearing even though she used to say it’s a really nice top. Knowing that I wouldn’t want to argue with her, I’ve just changed to another piece. It’s all these small things that really drives me nut. I don’t know if I’m doing good enough to be a daughter because she never seems to be satisfied and it feels like I’ll never get there.

Pappy is funny and I think he can get lonely too with Mummy here and him alone there. And I think he understands my situation very well.

“Ask Mummy to come back and not to disturb you!”

When Pappy is here, I feel okay with going out with my friends because I know he would have friends that he could go out with and I wouldn’t need to worry so much about him. But it’s different with my mum. Sometimes when I go out with my friends, I’ll be thinking about her at home. Thinking when she would call if I ever come back late (and sometimes I get pissed because it’s very rare that I stay very late outside and it’s just the way she sounds on the phone that just makes me feel one kind but I know she cares…ohhh…how am I supposed to describe this?). And when friends date me out, I would have to consider if my mum is around because sometimes when I’m out with my friend, I feel the guilt. But I can’t be staying home forever and not go out with my friends. And right now, I’m just waiting for the bomb to drop…like how I’ll be getting a shout from the living room asking me why I’m still awake….even though it’s Friday night and I would say I deserve a slightly late night on weekends, don’t I?

Sorry but I just need to rant tonight. I really hate guys who text me and say they can’t sleep and expect me to do something about it. Like give them a call? Reply with some sleep-inducing messages? Or I just don’t know. I mean if you can’t sleep, you should give me a call instead of me calling you lor…or maybe I’m just pissed with him lah I don’t know. And please don’t ask me if I’m sleeping now when I’ve just replied to you that I’m not sleeping yet when you text me just 5 minutes ago. It really gets to my nerve man, especially when a guy acts like that.

Anyway, the bomb has been dropped…like how I expected.

very nice.

1 Hour

It feels very weird putting on my contact lens at 4:30am. That’s because I have been awake for the past one hour. The rain and thunder and lightning woke me up I suppose. Or was it the milk tea I had just after dinner…I’m not sure. But I know I was CRAVING for milk tea that I had to have it even knowing the risk of not being able to fall asleep.

Well, at least I managed to get at least more than 3 hours of sleep before I actually wake up and been tossing and turning on the bed for an hour and didn’t think it was a productive thing to do. I had wanted to do something about it earlier but I couldn’t find my glasses so I was talking myself into just trying to get back to sleep but I just can’t.

Instead of switching on the lights and read a book in my room, I decided to write this so that I don’t disturb anyone. Remember I have a roomie? Yeah. And now that I recall, I think my glasses are in Mummy’s room but I can’t be marching into her room at hours like this. It’ll freak her out so this is what I can do best.

Someone told me that he has a crush with someone at the workplace and then continued to tell me, he used to have a crush on me too when we were in the same workplace. Funny guy. Well, at least he has the courage to tell me that and I appreciate that. Make me syok for a while also ok mah.

Today my heart stopped for a while and I couldn’t breathe as I was given very last minute notice that I’ll be meeting a bunch of high-flyers, CEO, managers and the like. I tried to brave myself and talk. I don’t know their names and positions but I just know they are from the top so memang aku stress. Didn’t think I did very well, nor did I did very badly. That was probably the most exciting and thrilling hour of the day because 30 minutes prior to that, I was dealing with laptops that just didn’t want to connect to the network. A little too gan jeong for me to handle but was thankful I had a superior to support me. Sometimes that’s all we need.

It’s 5:02am.

I’m going to try to sleep again.