I’ve given up hope on the previous guy who has left such a mark in my life. Maybe I’ll meet him again someday. Maybe one day he’ll appear. But for all I know, it is history. My heart comes with an expiry date. No matter how beautiful it used to be, the beauty has already fade away.

How do I know this? Well…let’s just say..my heart could only fit one person in the “relationship with a guy” category. So, there’s no way it could fit another. Now, I think I’ve dust off the very last pieces of him and my heart is lighter. My heart is open. Scarred, broken but healed. Ready to take on new challenges, sweetness and a new heart.

I think I’m having a crush. It’s nice to have a crush. I’m acting like an idiot lately. Always looking out for that someone and always thinking if he’s going to be the right one….and if I’m going to be the right one for him.

It feels like I’ve done this a million times and yet no matter how many million times I go through this, there’s always something new, something sweet, something frightening, something heart-pumping about it.

I came across a quote I like very much today…which I think came at a very right time. It goes like this..

Never explain yourself to any one.

Because the person who likes you doesn’t need it.
and the person who dislikes you won’t believe it.

Another one..

You cannot finish the book of life,
without closing it’s chapters.

If you want to go on…
then you have to leave the past as you turn the pages

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