Dear Bunny,

It’s 17 April and it’s your death anniversary. You left me on this day a few years ago and boy you made me cry! I hope you’re doing great up there. I’ve always missed you and when I pressed on the machine to get the parking ticket at the workplace today, I murmured “Bunny!” and smiled at the machine. I don’t know what the hell that is for but I’m just telling you based on what I actually did.

If someone would ask me to describe a magical moment of my life, it would be you. You’re simply magic! Appeared just like that and made me the luckiest girl on earth. Even all the boyfriends and exes will have to make way for that coveted magical award. I LOVE YOU TO BITS.

I’ve never really had such a bond with a pet. The feeling was so strong that it actually broke my heart when I knew you’ve passed away. I’ll never get to know the real reason on how you left me but I’m really glad that you’ve come to stay even though it was a short 4 months, including the 1 month where I went back to Sandakan for my semester break and I was so afraid and worried that you might forget about me when I come back. Well, you still remember. 🙂

Nothing beats the feeling when I come home and I know I have something to come back to. I know you’ll be waiting for me. I’ll tell you stories which I recite in my mind and heart by just being with you. It wasn’t convenient to talk out loud then because the neighbour would be wondering I’ve gone nuts.

Bunny, I can go on and on with this so now you realised what an impact you’ve made upon me. I don’t think I can get ever forget about you.

I’ve owned rabbits before you came and it was really ages ago. Say when I was 6-7 years old. I would stare at them but I couldn’t touch them unless mummy takes them out from the cage. I can stare at them for hours. The rabbits then multiplied and some of them were not caged anymore. I remember this particular rabbit where I’ve helped in getting its head out because it was stuck below the pipeline. Very funny I must say but it was also scary for me. I was all alone and I wasn’t sure whether to leave that rabbit to figure its way out or risking to break its neck while I helped it out from that pipeline. Both of us survived the ordeal.

I intended to get you a few fresh roses like I normally would on this day every year. I went to a nearby florist after work but they only sold roses which were already wrapped in a bouquet and didn’t sell individual roses.

I had to rush to meet a friend for dinner so I didn’t bother. I’ll definitely try to get some tomorrow.

My life is a compilation of random things lately. I go out for lunch with slightly different people everyday which is quite interesting. I’m blessed with some really nice and friendly colleagues. I almost got something that is challenging to me at work. Just not confident but I know if I really meant business, I’m sure I can get it done because I wouldn’t have a choice! 😛 This is also unexpected but I’ll try if it really comes into my plate.

It was really nice to meet this friend of mine over dinner. (Thank you! 🙂)

Over the span of 2 days, I’ve been getting comments that I’m thinner than before and I don’t think it’s a compliment. Maybe it’s the braces…so from now on, I’ll try to eat more. I just need a little more flesh.

I need to enjoy the times I have with my roomie as she would need to move out in the coming weeks. It’s going to be back to the independent me, something which I’ve been very used to.

As long as I’ve lived, I’ve only got one regret so far and perhaps one of the biggest mistakes of my life. My instincts told me something’s fishy about it but my heart is too soft for my own good.  Bunny, you know about this story I’m sure and hope you see me through this.

Thank you for the wonderful memories. It’s enough to last me a lifetime.

Love you, love you and love you,

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