I’ve been having more muscle cramps lately and I don’t know why. It used to happen only when I get down to the swimming pool, when I try to get down to the deepest end of the pool and then try to push myself up so that I don’t hit the bottom of the pool. Then, the cramp will come. Knowing this, I’ve tried to get into the pool more gently and so far it’s fine.

Now, I get them when I sleep and sometimes I don’t even have to do anything to get it. I had one yesterday. Was talking to Mummy over the phone and then I was walking and then landed on the bed and then I turned around to the other side, the cramp came and it was so painful, I cannot even hold a conversation, I had to tell Mummy that I’m in pain and I will call back. I waited for the pain to wear out and was sweating a little and by the time the pain was gone, I was tired that I fell into a short nap. I woke up with a sore butt. It’s a bit painful when my butt touches the toilet bowl seat.

Anyway, because I stayed home the whole day yesterday so I was feeling weird already for being cooped up in the house so I drove to a nearby mall alone, took the new ramp which linked to it..which I think is awesome because it shortens the distance and parking is free. Came back within 2 hours and watched Korean movie..”Baby and Me”. A friend borrowed the VCD to me because it features Mason Moon, a super cute baby.

Let’s side track a bit..I was greeted by someone on MSN one morning, asking me how I am doing. And when the topic came about to updating her about who’s tying the knot. She commented that marriage was the best thing that ever happened to her and asked me when’s my turn. I said I’m single and she said I’m hopeless and that she knows I have got a lot of boyfriends. I don’t know where she got the information from that I’ve got a lot of boyfriends. I just couldn’t look at the word “HOPELESS” as she typed it. Give me a break lah! Why do I even have friends like that? I mean…it’s all nice and then when they get married, they just got to spoil it!!!

One thing I really hate about some people who are married is that they think they are one class higher than the singletons. I don’t know what makes them feel that way but I really hate it. It ranges from “My hubby me buys me this [designer brand] bag the other day]” to well….”You’re single and so hopeless”.


One thing’s for sure…I won’t be acting like them when I get married.

Okie, back to the good stuff, I chanced upon this radio channel when I was driving and without looking at the radio, I just simply pressed on the number button to tune in to my desired radio channel but I pressed on the wrong one and it brought me to wonderland. ONE FM 88.1 IS GOING TO BE MY RADIO CHANNEL FOR NOW.

They play a wide variety of songs, from the older pop songs to the latest hits…they play Chinese and also English songs…which I think matches my taste so well. I mean, you get the best of both worlds in a channel.

la la la

Good night.

5 responses to “Cramps”

  1. Haha! You know, I’ve been observing some of my friends in their mid to late-twenties and they’ve been attending weddings one after another and I think more often than not they get bugged by those comments too. I’m not there yet, but I foresee that in the few years to come, all the yee-ma-ku-cheh’s will start to poke their noses in.

    I fear. 🙁

  2. They are too blinded by love. They can’t see how precious friendship is.

  3. vern: I usually just brush them away after I’ve ranted about it.

    zewt: Hmm…maybe I should check my diet.

    charlene: I don’t think they are blinded. I think they just want to prove that they lead very good lives now, far more superior than the single ones…and so they start to count the things that we don’t have. But you don’t belong to that category and I’m glad for that. 🙂

  4. but of cos… dont over-salt your food… that’s not good too. everthing in moderation.

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