I had an enjoyable evening on Saturday, watching Fish Leong’s concert. Went with 2 other girlfriends and we bought the most expensive tickets. I’ve never bought the most expensive ticket range to any concert before so this is my first and I thought it was worth it. It was an indoor stadium, with air-condition, good sound system and a concert planned with such detail. There were some sentimental moments that melt your heart. I loved the part where there was only the sound of the piano and her singing, which consisted of a medley of her own songs and other artists’ songs. Lovely!

Michael (Guang Liang) was her guest singer and they sang a duet of the song “Zhang Xin”. Ah Niu made an appearance towards the end of the concert (the encore part) where Fish invited her friends to come on stage. I love Ah Niu too, still the same funny guy! Made us laughed so much. Z-Chen was there too, along with Fei Bi (Phoebe), Ah Fai (one of the singer of the band – Baby).

I had a great weekend with the girls until I came home today and received a letter (final reminder) for a payment which I owe to Telekom. I was thinking very hard of how such thing could happen because I do not have any existing phone line registered under my name with Telekom and I didn’t receive any bill or reminders for payments prior to this…and now I’m getting a final reminder. My eyes were like bulging out reading the contents of the letter.

Called Telekom and they said the account was a valid one (I was hoping it was invalid one and it was just a fake letter to scare me). Then, I questioned on why the final reminder that come with a letterhead of that of Telekom but a third-party company. And it puzzles me further when I was told the account was terminated in year 2002…and I’m only getting the reminder now in 2009?

So, I had to rewind my mind a bit and think hard and all I could collect of is that I once borrowed my name to a friend who needed my name and IC to register for a fixed line. I do not remember for what reason he couldn’t use his but I know I allowed him to do so because I was just thinking of helping a friend. And now, this is what’s happening. I do not want to jump to conclusion that fast but it is not a small amount so that is why I was tracing my friend down and asked him if he ever remembered terminating or not paid for the line.

Anyway, I know my friend is going to settle it if it’s the same phone line that was registered under my name that I could think about. I do not know for whatever reason this phone line ended up this way but I seriously didn’t like that I was thrown with such a “surprise” after a few years. And I think I’m also to be blamed for trusting someone too easily. My friend is not a bad person. In fact, he’s helped me in so many ways back then which resulted in me not really mind helping him out with that phone line.

BUT, I would just like to say that, no matter how you trust your friend and no matter how good he/she is as a person, I would say DO NOT ALLOW SOMEONE TO USE YOUR NAME TO REGISTER FOR SOMETHING WHICH IS NOT YOURS because you just wouldn’t know what you’ll be getting in the end.

Like now, my name is already been blacklisted by Telekom. Sucks you know?

Lesson of the day, sometimes it doesn’t pay to be kind. Not in this way.

I just want my name to be cleared from the list and I hope my friend pays for whatever he used to owe. It’s late and I need to sleep but I just couldn’t until I write this out. I think my fengshui lately ada yang tak betul. From tomorrow onwards, I’ve got to work out a plan. Need to re-invent myself. Need to be smarter and more alert and not to be too kind anymore.

I feel better already and I know this case will be solved soon. MUST BE SOLVED.

Just wanted to share this with you, not so much to portray my silliness but so that you don’t fall into the same situation like I did.

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  1. And to think that some people think that we’re snobby whenever we refuse to “lend” them our name. Grrr… I’m sure it’s quite an expensive lesson for you.

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