The Week That Was

Foo Foo

Do you remember her? I found this picture while my friend helped me to retrieve data from a very old hard disk which was lying around for a few years, 3 years at least. That particular PC died long ago and I only salvaged the hard disk which I didn’t know if it was still functioning until today. I also have a collection of MP3s that I thought I’ve lost forever. Having them back feels so good. I’m playing Mika Nakashima’s “Find the Way” at the moment.

Got my brake light fixed. One side wasn’t working so I drove to a nearby car service centre to get the bulb changed. Each time I visit the car service centre by myself, I need to collect some courage to go. For some reason, I think I will get slaughtered in terms of price because if you were a car mechanic and if you were to look at me, you would think I know nuts about cars so it’s easy to cheat me. Haha. Or it could be the mechanic will be explaining in some technical car terms and I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Maybe nothing is wrong but he can say like something is wrong and I would believe him. All I want is a car that is working. I’ve been doing this for so many times but each time, I still get that same fear. But there isn’t much that I can do with it since I still have got to settle this on my own.

And when I thought I already have one plate full…..more is coming. Know why we are afraid? Because you are new to it. But once you do it for the first time, the second time will seem easier and do it a few more times, it’s nothing. I’m still adapting to that and still feel a wee bit uncomfortable everyday but I know it’s all for the name of “growth”.

Thank you Nathaniel for your help with the sourcing of new PC (even though I fell in love with the one that I got at first sight and I just had to get it straight away and all I needed was your approval and to know that I was making a right choice. haha!), the formatting of the old PC, fixing my chair, the meals..You are very helpful and very kind.


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