I’ve been thinking about something for the past few days. Anyway, when am I not thinking, right? Duh. I think ALL the time. ALL.

This is something new. I was offered something but I wasn’t sure if I should take it. It sounds new, challenging and exciting. Requires time and effort. I don’t really know how much time it would take and I don’t think I’ll know unless I dip myself into that. So it’s either dip or no dip. I’m the kind of person who would automatically say yes when offered something if it’s a favour to help someone and if it is within my means or I would make myself into thinking that I can handle it even though I’m actually doubting while accepting the offer to help.

Then, I take one step back and really thought about it. The pros and cons. I didn’t want to blow away an opportunity but I also didn’t want to overload myself. My principle has always been about work and life balance.

Even after deciding that it’s going to be a  “No”, I still feel somewhat guilty because back in my head, I do not want to be thinking if I’ve let an opportunity slip by but I have to be realistic too that one can only do so much. I do not want to land myself in a situation where I have so much to do but I can’t really focus or excel in it anymore. I rather have few but I will get the job done exceptionally well. People are happy, I am happy.

So, in writing this down, I hope I can put a closure to this. Whatever that’s going to happen, this is going to be my decision and it’s made based on the current circumstances.

Okay, that’s one thing.

I came home and found RM29 scattered on the staircase while getting up to my house. At first, I saw RM2 so I ignored it then I saw RM 5 and RM 10 notes lying on the staircase too. Man, why do people not want money? Haha. It’s so pitiful to see those money lying there so I brought them home. I’m still thinking of what to do with it. Hahaha.

Someone accompanied me to have dinner after work today. It was nice to have company and more often than not, I’m posed with this question a lot lately, “Don’t you feel bored?” Because they know I come home to no one and I’m my only source of entertainment. It’ll be a lie to say I don’t feel bored at all. For the past week, I’ve been singing a lot. The best place to go is Youtube.com. Get a music video with lyrics and just sing. It helps to sing out your sorrows.

Like last night, I was still enjoying the songs I discovered from my ancient hard disk drive that survived the test of time (haha) and sang too. Danced too. Like I was moving from the room to the kitchen and then back to the room.

Highlight of the day: Mr.Lizard is back. He appeared in my room and I looked at it and asked him WHY. I think it heard me. It went out of the room. This morning, it was hiding at the back of the bowl. I ask him why but it wasn’t moving so I gave it grace period. When I came back to the kitchen after a while, it was gone. Please do not come back to haunt me. Thank you.

5 responses to “RM29”

  1. Words that come from the heart enter the heart > really depends on a lot of factors

  2. It’s not good to live in a world of “what if”. You know the rationale behind the reason why you turn down the offer, so do not feel guilty about it. Nobody would know how capable or incapable you can be except yourself.

    Having said that, if the same opportunity come a-knocking several times, then do not continuously turn it down. It is fate that is calling out to you. 🙂

  3. You know what I was thinking, Grace?

    Give me your phone number. I will call you whenever I’m in KL because I think there’s too many similarities between you and me I am beginning to think that we were twin sisters in our previous lives.

    OK. I hope I didn’t freak you out, hahha..

  4. nathaniel: It has been decided.

    gracieq: If it comes calling again, I would need to think over it again.

    pelf: I think you have my number because I have yours! 🙂

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