And Then…There is Light!

Last night while I was working on the new theme for this blog, ร‚ย (YES, AGAIN! I don’t know why I’m putting myself through this pain.) the fluorescent light started flickering. This means it’s time to get it changed which isn’t something I like to do. Since there is no one around to help me, I continued tweaking on the new theme under flickering circumstances and vowed to myself that I’ll get it sorted out tomorrow morning. I cannot live with a flickering light because my house is not a disco place.

This morning when I woke up, without even brushing my teeth, I grabbed the ladder which I think is dying to show its true potential after lying against the wall for months. As I climbed up the ladder, I noticed the view up there wasn’t very nice. This is supported by sweaty palms that I developed while I was positioning the ladder to stand at its best with a wardrobe and table in its way. I went up and down twice before I found the right coordinate.

Nevermind that the view up there wasn’t very nice, I spent some time up there figuring how I would balance myself with 2 hands on the fluorescent light and 2 legs on the ladder. So I tried to do it with one hand on the fluorescent light and the other holding on to the ladder. And because this fluorescent light comes with a cover, I had to remove the cover before I can get to the light. The amazing thing was that I managed to remove the cover with just one hand. Ta da!!!

One down.

Suddenly it came to my mind that I used to see Pappy changing the glow starter instead of the whole light. Sometimes the problem lies with the glow starter so I climbed down again and went hunting for a glow starter. I’ve got quite a few and I don’t know which one works and which doesn’t. Took a few to try it out but I still don’t see light.

The bad thing about doing this alone is each time I get something off, I have to climb down, put it down somewhere and make the climb again. And this is the time you wished you had someone to help you, at least to stand at the switch so that I can order that person to switch the light on or off so that I could test if it’s working. This is usually my role when Pappy does the hard work. And the extra service that I’ll provide to Pappy is to hold on to the ladder while he’s on it for extra support, physically and emotionally. the problem lies with the light. Managed to remove it with just one hand. I’m starting to feel impressed with myself already.

Two down.

The tough part is here now but I shall prevail. I still have sweaty palms and I keep wiping it off with my shirt. I found a way to feel safe up there. I put one leg on a lower rank and one leg on a higher rank of the ladder. It’s safer than putting both legs on the same rank. I don’t know why. And that’s how I did it. It took a few tries to get both side of the light up because the first few tries was either I got the left side up and the right side still down or the right side up and the left side which was up and now is down. Urgh!

It’s time to see how well I’ve scored.

Turned on the lights.

Still nothing.

Went back up and twist twist again.

Still nothing.

Went back up again and twist until I can feel the connection between me and the light that we have the same level of understanding.

Now it works.


I thanked Mr.Ladder and complimented on the great performance it showed and put it back where it belongs.

Now that I’m writing this and enjoying the view from below of a glowing light, I just realised I forgot to put on the cover. HAHAHA. damnit.

Happy National Day, Malaysia! ๐Ÿ™‚

Many Kisses

“I’m calling you because you never call me and so I miss you.” Pappy said to me one day.

I know I’ve been bad. I’ve been calling Mummy everyday but I just don’t always call Pappy.

So I’ve told myself to call Pappy more often.

When I called him yesterday, he said, “What’s up?” like a cool rock star.

I said…”I’m calling you because I miss you.”

That made him laugh.

Then, he asked the weirdest question ever.

“How’s your boyfriend?”

“Pa, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Actually, he just wanted to ask if I’ve got a boyfriend.

As always, before ending the call, he gave me lots of kisses by making sounds of many kisses. I too made sounds of many kisses to give him lots of kisses.


I passed by a musical instrument store and I always passed by this store. Today it was different because I actually looked into the store and the first thing that I saw was a piano.

Should I or should I not?

I don’t know if I’m being impulsive this time or not so I’m going to give it a few days. I’ll go check out the price of a digital piano since there is no way that I can afford a grand piano or upright piano, which was one I used to have back home…which has then been sold to someone else since no one plays it anymore. After checking out the price, I’ll see if I am still excited about playing again. And of course, it’s the question of space at home. I think a digital piano wouldn’t take up too much space. And then it’s the question of persuading my mum. She will sure be asking me what the hell I’m doing this time around.

The reason why I actually got to learn piano is because of my mum. She would always tell me that she didn’t have the opportunity to learn stuff when she was young. So..with that, she wanted her children to learn everything they can. You name it…I went for art lessons, I went to piano lessons, I went for ballet lesson, I went for swimming lessons, I went for badminton lessons… Of all the things I learnt, ballet was the shortest because the location wasn’t really safe for the then 7-year old me. I had to climb up to the 4th floor and it can get quite dark even on broad daylight so…there goes my ballet classes which lasted probably a week or two.

I had 2 ballet suits and I wore both of them for my swimming lessons. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cool or not? Hahaha. I loved my swimming lessons with the 2nd teacher. The 1st teacher was a nightmare.

I hated badminton lessons because the coach wanted to train me up to be so good that she loaded me with unreasonable amount of push-ups, running that I had to do…it was ridiculous. I only wanted to play for fun lor…and I was kinda forced into coming for lessons because…I also don’t know why…please ask my mum. It didn’t last long too.

I enjoyed my piano lessons when I first started but as I went to to sit for piano exams…that was when I really hated it. I’m at Grade 6 but if I were to continue to play…I won’t be going for Grade 7 or 8. I just want to play songs that I like.

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do….So Do!




I spent the whole afternoon ironing yesterday. I should have done this way much earlier, judging by the amount of clothes piling up on the chair. Among those clothes, some belonged to Pappy and do you know how long is it since Pappy last visited me? VERY LONG. And so it means the clothes have been piling up on the chair for a VERY LONG TIME.

Each time I want to start ironing it, I end after I iron a few pieces of my own clothes because it’s boring or it’s hot or it’s just plain HOT AND BORING.

But you know what? Each time I walk into the room, I get an eyesore. But each time I iron, I get a heartache.

And I thought enough is enough, I shall get rid of eyesore and heartache in one go so I spent the entire Saturday afternoon ironing and you know what? It feels great. Started off a bit draggy and then as I saw the pile starting to disappear, I felt more motivated. To spice things up, I turned on to Super Junior’s “It’s You”. As I was ironing and enjoying the beat to the song, my legs were starting to dance and my body wanted to dance. Ironing was fun.

The chair is now empty without any clothes. With that, I can actually push the chair inwards to go under the table, which then creates more space,which then felt like a part of clutter is gone, which then made me feel happier, lighter. Just awesome!

The cleaning mood kinda got into me yesterday that I went on an express vacuuming and mopping session. The water in the pail after mopping this time around is lighter than the one I had the last round. Water was black. Water was slightly grey this time which means my house is not that dirty as last time. AKU SANGAT SYOK!

Now walking on the tiles make me smile.

Today, I went out dating with a friend. Before we went out, I made both of us fruit juice. Juicing is also a new and latest passion of mine. Been juicing like 3-4 times last week. Becoming an auntie soon because now I know where to get the best supply of crisp, crunchy and juicy green apples. How do you know it’s crunchy? When you slice it into half, it lets out a “crispy” sound. It makes me smile too. I’ve also been shopping for carrots more lately. I’ll never look at carrots the same way anymore. It does wonders.

Watched “Up” today. I loved it! My friend wanted to watch “District 9” but I wasn’t in the mood to watch some ugly aliens on a beautiful Sunday and reading the reviews that it can get quite gory and violent but a good film…still didn’t help. I cannot do too much of gory scenes lah. So we settled for “Up” and I love the soundtrack that I went searching after I came home from the movies…but the song that I want is not included in the soundtrack. ๐Ÿ™

It’s called “Hanabera” from George Bizet’s “Carmen”. It took me awhile to search for the title…very confusing title. But well, I found another song which is the theme song for the movie. It’s really really nice…called “Married Life”. I even got the piano sheet after much researching on YouTube. I don’t know how to say this but I think YouTube is one of those great things ever created. You can learn about mostly everything here. You can even learn how to play the piano, how to get rid of stains, how to floss your teeth with braces, how to add a gradient in Photoshop, how to dance like Super Junior…

I have a sudden impulse and urge to play the piano again because I want to play the song which I just found the piano sheet to. I was looking at the sheet just now and pressed my fingers on the table like as though I was playing. Silly I know but I don’t have a piano at home now that’s why.

Went to the pasar malam also, got myself a packet of nasi dagang, GREEN APPLES ๐Ÿ™‚ , tomatoes. My dear friend got herself 5 apam baliks and then it was watching tv session. Just a simple girl’s day out and I like peaceful Sundays like this with a lovely friend.


I’m surrounded by loving couples of late, more so today.

Listening to the tone and words used during a phone conversation of one of theirs makes me tickle and smile when I’m focusing on my work.

Another couple was accompanying me back to the car park just now because it was late and they were thoughtful enough to walk me to the car even though it was out of the way. They were holding hands and I was just walking next to them. As I got on to the car, I saw them walking away still holding hands. I have a bittersweet kind of feeling. It’s sweet to look at loving couples but somehow it reminds me that I’m single which is the bitter part.

Was having dinner the night before with 3 girlfriends. It used to be only 2 of the girls who are attached, leaving me and another girl being single. Now, even the girl is attached which left me the only one at the table who is single.

I shall not despair.

I’ve been there before and out of it and I know I’ll be there again but I just don’t know when.