Boy Band

I can watch and repeat this video 100 times or more. Can’t get over the cool dance moves. My latest addiction – Korean boy band, Super Junior.

I’m loving my short-becoming-long hair. My fringe is getting longer too and I’m thinking of a side-weeping fringe. Will see how it goes but as of today, I love how I look.

I’m not being very very nice to a few people. Not that I don’t want to but the heart doesn’t have the capacity to do that yet. Not healed from the wound and I’m trying. I’m still nice to them but not the kind of nice I know I’m capable of. It’s the surface nice and not the in-depth nice like it used to be. I just want to protect my heart a bit. Wait till it’s stronger enough to be really really nice. For as long as I don’t choose to hate them, I think I’m ok.

With all the sick people around and the H1N1 virus flying about, aside from washing my hands when I ought to, I’m in a mood where I just want to eat what I feel like eating. Do what I want to do. Rest when I really should. Work hard like I’m so passionate about the job. I’m really taking one day at a time now because I think I’ve worried too much that there’s practically nothing to worry or I should say worrying about that bit doesn’t help since I’m going to worry about it later and still not know how I will cope with it…so I just thought I shouldn’t worry about it now and worry about it later as and when it comes.

And I want to learn to say no. It’s daunting at first because it feels like being the bad person but in order to keep myself sane, that’s the only way to go. I can’t be saying yes to all that I come across. It doesn’t matter what others think. At the end of the day, when I collapse or die, don’t think anyone would even remember or care what they used to think about me. I must treat myself better.

SJ. SuJu. Super Junior. I like.

Good night!


15 Short Films


My lovely friends, you must visit this site – “15 Malaysia” and check out the films. It’s under “Films“, 2 are released so far, the others will be released soon. I just watched the short film by Yasmin Ahmad and it’s very deep and it requires you to think. Not everyone will get the message..but reading the comments help. So if you’ve watched it and you want to know more about the moral of the film, read the comments in Chinese here.

Or read the translated version in English by someone named LKY here.

I can’t wait to see the other films.



Foot massage was awesome. So awesome I want to sleep now.


New Theme

Yes, you are looking at a new theme. And yes, it’s not looking purple (well, not yet!)

I liked the previous theme and I wanted to edit and add something to it but it was complicated to tweak. I don’t quite understand those codes, it came with things that I didn’t need and it’s a waste of time trying to figure which codes to keep and which codes should stay. I needed something simple, something clean to tweak on. So, I decided to start fresh again. This one seems okay…and I’ll slowly turn it purple. So, this is also one way to declutter my life online. 😛

I’ve cancelled my Friendster account too. So long, farewell.

I’m a night owl for these 2 nights. I can’t stop reading online, and now tweaking this site. It keeps me dazzle and very alive when I do changes to this blog of mine. It’s like my 2nd life. But I would have to force myself to go to bed now…or else it will never end.

I need to force myself to clean the house again tomorrow.


Being Introverted

Someone accompanied me to dinner today. I was going to eat alone anyway so it was nice to know that someone had time to spare and asked if I had time to spare too.

Received a comment today that I’m very quiet from someone who’s loud. I can tell you many people have problem with quiet people. It’s less of a problem if people are talkative. As always and like I’ve said it a million times, I am always trying to talk more. But you know what? If you are quiet by nature, you are just going to be quiet by nature. I can force myself to talk more even when I don’t like it, even when I don’t feel the need to, but the thing is…I don’t feel comfortable and I just don’t feel like I’m myself.

It’s a daily battle for me, especially when you work with exceptionally extroverted people. I have no problem with that. The problem is they think I have a problem, when I really do not have. I will ask when I’m unclear. I will voice out when I’m not satisfied, maybe not immediately. It’s just that I don’t always ask all the time because I prefer spending time alone to think over the problems and possible solutions before I ask, when I know I won’t get the answer within me.

Anyway, I didn’t feel like going home after dinner so I loitered at the bookstore till it closed.

Books make me happy. They will never betray.

My book was there waiting for me so I picked it up, found a chair to sit on and indulge for an hour. I feel so at peace with myself, so happy. It’s weird but it’s true. I think I’m going to spend more hours at the bookstore when I have the time. There is so much to learn by just reading. It can be just about any subject of any book and it’ll bring me a smile if I think it’s funny or I go…hmmm if it strikes a chord. Best of all, it’ free (unless except I find a book I cannot resist and I must bring it home with me). Today there wasn’t such book because that book was too expensive, which is another reason why it keeps making me go back to finish reading it.

I came home, called Mum as usual. Oh, before I forget, Iris was awarded “Employee of the Month”. If you’re reading this, I’m so proud of you.

Then, I kept listening to this song. It feels nice and calm on a night like this, with my hair tied up into a ponytail and enjoying the solitude. It’s 2:07am. Time for bed.

Thank you God for blessing me with some nice people at work to balance off the not-so-good people at work. I know it’s not a perfect world so I appreciate every kind person I come across. To those that have once been kind and now decide not to be kind anymore, I”ll let them be whoever they choose to be.