The Trishaw Man

The last time I sat on a trishaw was more than 10 years ago. When I was at Melaka on Sunday for a day trip, my friend and I got on a trishaw and had an enjoyable time. Short but sweet! The uncle who rode the trishaw was so cool and awesome. When we got on his trishaw, he immediately played the song “路边的野花不要採”. He blasted it so loudly on his player that we were creating a scene as he drove us around. There were people/tourists looking at us. Then, there was a guy who actually took picture of us on the trishaw.  -_-|||

So I looked at my friend and said, “OH MY GOD”.

Then, another car who caught sight of us honked too. ahaha.

Uncle drove us and pointed to the important buildings and explained it to us in Mandarin with one word, “Museum, buffalo cart, pirate ship, swimming pool and etc.”

I especially loved when he asked, “你们要不要去toilet?"

He also helped us to capture some photos. People very creative one ok…know how to ask you to pose. He also posed for me when I took this picture of him. So cute!

Walked around Jonker Street and we saw him again after that. This time he played some Chinese kids song because his passenger was a mother and a kid. He certainly knows how to please his passengers.


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