Shorty Shorty Hair

I’ve always had long hair and never in my life would I think I’d grow to love short hair.

Cut it short last year because I wanted some change…and then I thought it’s time I grow it back again. While I’m half way there, I decided to chop it off again yesterday. This time also because I wanted some change and in a way, it’s a form of rebel and a message I would like to send out to the world, “Don’t mess with Gracie!”

My hairdresser asked me numerous times if I was sure I wanted it to be short. I said yes. She asked if I’m sure I will not regret. I said I’m very sure. She said she was feeling rather sad cutting my hair away.

But I’m feeling happy with the haircut. It’s definitely easier to manage and my head is so light. I don’t have to worry how my hair turns out the next morning because it will look the way it is. I have thick hair so having long hair is a chore, having washed and then to blow dry a thick set of hair is painful.

A bit sad to think that I’ll be working tomorrow and the say after when most people will be enjoying their long weekend. I don’t want to feel sad when I work tomorrow. I know I’m not alone…because I know even some Malays have to work during this big festival of theirs…so..I should make the best of tomorrow and the entire week till I get my days off next week. I can’t wait! 🙂

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