It’s 4:09am. I am awake and couldn’t get back to sleep. Lappie that was lying on the floor is such a comfort thing to see. It was smuggled in before I went to bed because I didn’t want to be seen  sitting at my desktop PC in order to escape nagging from beloved mummy.  I find it funny that I’m no longer 7 years old but this is still happening to me. I needed to get something written earlier on because some things must be done and dealt with or else it will never get to see the light of day. Even had to switched off the room light so that mummy thinks that I’m sleeping and then had to switch it back on once she’s inside her bedroom because typing in the dark is bad. oh my goddie.

And now here I am again, just trying to get some random thoughts out so that I can get back to sleep.

  • I’m very broke. The worst in many years. Damage is caused by travelling, shopping and eating.
  • In spite of that, I’m still glad I went travelling, shopping and eating.
  • Going travelling always bring you new thoughts and things to ponder while you experience things that you’ll never get just sitting at your work desk.
  • A good or bad experience is still an experience that teaches you something.
  • I GOT MYSELF A NEW CAMERA. Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3. Because life’s too short to live without a good camera.
  • I cannot afford a DSLR and don’t feel like bringing a fat bulky thing around. This new cammie is just perfect. Bigger and heavier than my old compact but it is bringing me things that I’ve wanted for so long. This is the part where I’m happy to be broke.
  • Need time to play around with it so shall be shooting with auto mode for now.
  • Can’t wait for another trip this weekend because I’m going with 2 of my best friends on earth. They are my best friends because I can act silly and I can be totally myself. Because I can be cold and cool at times that I find it so hard to release myself and just talk. It is happening now as a result of being alone over a long period of time. It is hard to find people that you can get along with and be totally yourself. I treasure them very much.
  • I cannot stand not being in a relationship. This has been the longest vegetarian period I’ve ever had and I’m already starting to turn into a horrible creature. I can now understand why women who are single in their 30s, 40s and beyond can be a little bit cuckoo on the head. So, I’m trying not to be like that.
  • I know it takes time to meet someone, be friends, be good friends, be close friends and then proceed to the next level. And I also know I’m not getting any younger but I also know I don’t want to let age define me. And I certainly know I will meet him. Someone whom I can be serious with and to be silly with.
  • This year I’ve not had any luck with love. As when I think I at least have a chance, something tends to pop up. DAH BEBERAPA KALI DAH, AKU BENCI. Am now telling the heart to stop having crushes. Move on move on.

It’s 5 am! Time for bed again. Need to wake up in another hour’s time because I have to be at work exceptionally early today.

Good morning 🙂

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