It’s About…

  • Working is about making your boss look good. When bosses look good, they feel good and you will be on the good side too.
  • When I don’t like doing something, I will ask why. I will put myself in the position of a boss and when I understand why it is needed, I will feel better..maybe I still don’t like doing it but I know why I’m doing it.
  • I’m thankful for having supportive people around me, especially at times like these.
  • I have a different definition of life now. It’s all about changes and adapting to changes.
  • It’s about having surprises everyday.
  • It’s about dealing with one thing at a time when things get too overwhelming.
  • It’s about counting my blessings.
  • It’s about getting rid of bad people and staying a distance.
  • It’s about not looking for love even though I want to.
  • It’s about being a better person.
  • It’s about getting nearer to accomplish my few pending personal projects.
  • It’s about taking the time to look good because you are only young once.
  • It’s about things that I want to do, eating food that I want to eat, going places that I want to go to.
  • It’s about calling Pappy more often.

I called him yesterday and I know he wasn’t in a very good mood. Not quite the usual him when I call because he would always sound excited to hear me. He gets grumpy very easily now. Maybe it has got to do with the age.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Sitting at the lounge, listening to the band.”

“Are you alone?”


“So lonesome you feel lonesome?”

“Sometimes lor. What about you?”

“I’m lonesome too.”


He then started expressing things that annoyed him and after a while, I guess he felt better because he started laughing again.

Then, he asked a very cute question. It’s cute because he seldom asks this question.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Aku tengah cari.”

“Okay…no hurry. Take your time. Don’t simply cari.”


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