Cats and Frogs

I like my outfit today. I like my butt.

I was getting out of the house when I saw this meow lying relaxingly on the staircase. Unperturbed even though I appeared shocked to see it. I’d like to believe it’s a she. So I smiled and said hello. It kept staring at me wondering what this crazy lady is doing early in the morning. Okay, it was 9 something so it wasn’t early anymore.

Then, I called my mum.

“Faster come!!! Got meow meow!!!”

So, out came my mum and she was laughing and told the cat, “You naughty ah!”

Meow looked like she couldn’t be bothered with the two of us.

I gave her a last smile as I walked down the stairs. She looked back. 🙂

Suddenly I’m reminded of the frog. I was swimming last week. It rained before that but it was dry when I was swimming…the water was super cold though. While I was making my way to the other end of the pool, I saw something wriggling in the water. My eyes opened bigger than normal and ewwww…a swimming frog in the pool. I made an immediate U-turn and swam towards where I came from. This time I was being careful whether there could be other frogs in the water. As I swam passed, I saw another one waiting by the side of the pool. I swear to God if it jumped, I’ll be the country’s next swimming medalist. How not to swim faster with a frog in the pool?

I gave up lor. Even though I only swam less than one lap that night, I really really cannot make myself swim with frogs. I got up and went home.

Lesson learnt: Do not swim on rainy days, even when it has stopped raining.

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