Another Tooth Extracted

I went for my usual monthly visit to the dentist today with no feeling or expectation. The dentist told me to have a tooth extracted to end the misery of my braces episode. I’ve been enduring with the existence of this tooth for a very long time. It’s a very lengthy story and I don’t want to bore you with the details. In short, it currently disrupts the marginal alignment and with it taken out now, I can really see the difference in an instance.

As the dentist told me to have it extracted and he asked if I wanted it to do it today…I ask him if it would take long since it was a big tooth and I thought it wasn’t the normal extraction that would get this big tooth out. Mr.Dentist was so confident, he said it would only take a short while. I was given two shots and it started to get numb. While I was sitting on the chair, I was thinking if I’m not out of my mind. I have never agreed to extract a tooth immediately. Usually I would tell the dentist that I’ll get it extracted during my next visit or on another day because I’ll be thinking of all the horrible things, how to eat, what if I bleed non-stop and all imaginable things I can think of. And, I also needed time to collect courage.

But today, I think I’m drunk or I don’t know…suddenly brave? Hahahah. I agreed to have it taken out because it needs to be done sooner or later anyway and I don’t want to keep thinking about it for the coming days before my next appointment. I’m still biting on that cotton ball as I’m typing this. So far I don’t have any painful feeling yet. Extraction was painless, except you could feel the 2 tingling shots before that but it’s really nothing. Just someone pinching you very hard in a very small way.

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