I spent most of the weekend working on a personal project which gets me seated for very long hours in front of the computer. Because once I start, I cannot stop. It’s either something I don’t know and I had to look for a solution, or something I wanted to create and looking for the right resources, or something I’ve created but doesn’t look nice so I tweak and tweak till I’m impressed.

I’ve also been enjoying watching a few Korean series. IRIS is for sure. Hot Blood is quite cool too…a series about selling cars. Then, I discovered Hwang Jini. Watched half of the first episode and I know this is going to be a good one. Hwang Jini is a story about a gisaeng named as the series is called. Gisaeng is a Korean female entertainer…so I would say it’s the same as the Japanese geisha.

geisha. gisaeng.

My favourite TV channel for this season is KBS World. Astro Channel 303.

Please do not disturb me on Monday-Tuesday 10pm onwards for one hour and on Wednesday-Thursday 9pm onwards for 2 hours. kamsahamnida

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