Dreaming Dream

Hello! 🙂

It’s back to myself again. I have more time to myself now…for now..so I better make full use of it.

My only entertainment when I come home everyday now…for now until my favourite Korean series ends…is to sit on the sofa and enjoy watching television. Mummy was very happy with this because I wasn’t sitting in front of the PC. Oh well, but today I sat in front watching both PC and the TV because I have very important work to do.

I’ve been listening to Kim Tae Woo’s “Dreaming Dream”, one of the songs from IRIS soundtrack. I like both main and ballad version. Ballad version is very soothing and I’ve been repeating it for weeks.

I feel like staying home this weekend, like really stick to the house, enjoying every inch of it. I spent the last weekend walking in the shopping mall. Walked for 2 days in search of a cheongsam which Mummy wanted to get. We finally found out that suits her in terms of size, price, design and material. I thought it was a good buy and I felt so relieved after getting it because it made her happy.

Why does a guy hints to you he’s interested but acts otherwise? And then I thought, if he’s really into you, nothing can stop him from pursuing you. Why must I be thinking and coming out with possibilities or reasons of why he’s acting so? I’ve done that enough in the past, building clouds of pictures of possibilities to guard the impression and image I have for that person…but really, it means nothing.

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