Monkey Attack!

This morning while I was on my way to work. A few ladies were pointing upwards and the security guards were there too. I didn’t know what they were pointing at but it could be the monkey.

Last weekend, we were out having lunch and when we were back, nobody went to the kitchen so nobody felt something was wrong. Then, it was just me and when I entered the kitchen, the water stopper that belongs to the kitchen sink was seen on the floor. I was trying to figure out who in the wrong mind would leave it there. As I walked closer towards it to examine the kitchen sink, I saw a peeled onion on the kitchen sink. Something is very wrong.

I looked very hard on the floor and saw footprints! They were too small for a human footprint. I was thinking it could be a monkey even though I’ve never encountered one that entered the house. I called my sister to solve the mystery to ask her if she left the water stopper on the floor. She told me it could have been a squirrel. I don’t think squirrel has that much energy. I still thought it was a monkey.

I just left the thought aside and had wanted to do laundry. As I carried the laundry basket, I stopped again to analyse. While I was looking blankly outside the kitchen window. I SAW IT! A MONKEY. Happily climbing on the tree outside of my kitchen window. That solved my mystery.

I quickly closed the window and I’m thankful I wasn’t at home when it entered because I have no idea how to get the naughty fella out. As much as I would like to think this is the first time, I think this is the second. The first time, I had this unsolved mystery of my kitchen mat that is supposed to stay on the floor, to be lying next to the kitchen sink. Come to think of it now, it could have been the monkey too.

There wasn’t much damage done. I think it was hungry but couldn’t find food. What’s left open was the basket of red onion and garlic. It picked a red onion, peeled off the skin but didn’t bite on it. Maybe it smelled that it didn’t taste good. And because it was hungry and all it could find was a stupid onion, it went angry and decided to throw the water stopper on the floor. Does this make sense? Hahaha.

Pappy being the guy that he is, went to flip open his 4D book, looking for the page that says Monkey. I never knew there was such a thing.

In the year of the Tiger, came a monkey! 😀

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