All I Want To Do is Nothing

I feel like a human again because yesterday I wasn’t one.

7:30am – 2 something am. That was how long I worked. Don’t worry, I don’t skip meals. I had 2-hour lunch break and 2-hour dinner break because when I’m stressed, I really like enjoying my food, makes me feel like I’m still treating myself well.

I can finally put a stop to that after working extremely hard for the past few weeks, and working very hard since January. I still have tons to do but I will make sure I put my life back on track. My juicer, the swimming pool, the television (without a laptop in front of it), writing this blog and so on….they are waiting for me!!!

Initial plan was to wake up by 9 this morning to hit the travel fair but when I got up at 10 something, I just couldn’t bring myself to throng the crowd and I didn’t have the right energy and mind to actually absorb the packages that would be available. I have put that for tomorrow and I went out to join my friends for lunch and chat session, did some grocery shopping. I bought Korean strawberries. They are so nice and sweet, just looking at them make me feel so see-toh-beh-lei. (It’s not a word, it’s an expression in my own term.)

Came home and slept for another 3 hours. The most delicious sleep I’ve ever had in days. Now I feel re-energised and I’m ready for tomorrow.

Not going to do anything today, except to chill out, eat and sleep.

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