A cat came to say hi today.

I was folding the pile of clothes at the living room and suddenly I saw this cat at the balcony. It saw me and had wanted to come in.

I said, “No” and it put its leg back.

It tried to step its leg across the grill door again and I said, “No”.

It did that for a few times and so I went nearer and bent down to have a closer look at it. He/she took it as a sign of welcome and had wanted to come in again. I just pat on its head and sayang it for a while. It came right in. I only allowed 5 seconds of it before I shoo it out again. I had to close the door window and it was still looking at me.

It left not long after that.

“Mummy, just now got one meow meow came. It wanted to come into the house.”

“You better not let it in..else it will come everyday.”

“No, I didn’t let it in…but I sayang it.”

“Must sayang one meh?”


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  1. Amazing Grace- We love your blog! My co-workers and I are reading it in Toronto, Canada.

    Keep on blogging.

    Hugs from Canada

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