A Runny Nose

It struck me out of the blue. No symptoms. In fact, when the symptoms appeared, it wasn’t a symptom anymore because I was already feeling sore at the throat and my nose were runny. Body was chilly.

Woke up in the morning and I know I’m going to sleep in and call it a day.

Slept the whole day. Amazing….and still feeling really sleepy.

Woke up today and had that little urge to skip work but I thought of my workload and then the two assistants who may need guidance or more work to be delegated from me….and then I tried to feel myself again if I could stay awake the whole day.

So I went even though I knew I looked very messy. When I’m sick, my hair looks sick too. The face….just tells me it wants to face the pillow.

Anyway, I survived and I’m off to bed now.




Just got back from Melaka to visit my grandpa.

It was sad to leave him this time because of the things he said when we were about to drive back to KL. I think he’s lonely and he doesn’t like farewells. He was telling us we won’t be seeing anymore the next time we come. He said this as a way to try to make us stay. He is like a child now but I’d say his temper is mild. In some ways, he’s cute and funny.

I don’t always get to see him so we aren’t very close. We were closer when I was small and when he still had all the energy and cheerfulness in him. Things changed with the passing of my grandma more than 15 years ago. He got ill and was on a lot of medication, which made him felt out of the world, depressed. It is only recently that things were changing for the better. He is not as vocal as before but would respond when asked. He is now eating too as compared to before…where he totally gave up on eating.

He may appear like he has lost his mind because sometimes he doesn’t recognise me…but on certain things, he has superb memory. I think he chooses what he wants to remember. He surprises you with what he can remember sometimes.

I hope he stays healthy.