I’m running on UniFi – High Speed Broadbrand now. Very happy because I’ve been living with the lowest Internet speed ever for the past few years. After approximately a month of waiting for the installation to be done (looks like it is quite a long queue), we finally got it successfully installed today. It wasn’t a smooth ride but I’m glad it’s over.

It usually takes a few hours to install but because there were problems (drilling required to be done and we had to seek the building management’s approval), it took us 2 days to get it done. From what I understand from the call I’ve been making, drilling is not required if you are staying in a condominium/apartment. Maybe my apartment is old or the design is such that it requires drilling…I’m not sure. They had wanted to put us on another appointment next week and we won’t be able to get the same technical team who came on the first round but thank God for Pappy who doesn’t take in nonsense like work done half way and not continuing it the next day. He didn’t want to take no for an answer. If I were to be in the situation, I would have just allowed them to come next week because I don’t have the ability to press people until they have no choice but to follow. Pappy has such power!

Sometimes I don’t agree with Pappy being too aggressive and pushy or you could say unreasonable, but I understand the need to be pushy and firm to get the message across and to get things done. The technical team came again today to get the installation work done so here I am now, enjoying every single bit of the speed.

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