I finally get to sleep in my own room again after being a nomad in my own house for the past 2 months.

I’ve been sharing the room with my sister so that Mummy could have my room. I’m also staying up late tonight, just to surf the Internet, to have my own space and personal time. No nagging at this hour. You don’t know how much just sitting in front of the computer, surfing, reading stuff online, blogging, makes me sane.

Tomorrow I want to go shopping. I need SHOES.

For the first time ever, my credit card statement is showing zero amount. That’s because I did not get the replacement card to replace the one that is expired 2 months ago until recently….so I didn’t spend anything on the card…but that doesn’t mean I didn’t spend because I spent them all on cash. HAHA.

I’m going to chill this weekend and do whatever I want to do, even if it means doing nothing!! For the first time since January 2010, I actually managed to leave the workplace with a clean slate, meaning no pending tasks that will loom over my head over the weekend. And then I clocked out one hour in style today, to grab a quick dinner with my sister, to skip attending an event and to choose to watch Thomas Cup semi-finals at home. One hour is nothing compared to the extra hours I’ve spent so even though it felt weird leaving while the others are still around, I didn’t quite care leh.

Had someone talking back to me today but IT’S FINE. I will take it as a lesson on how to handle such situations in the future. I was caught off-guard and I was stunned because I wasn’t expecting any of this from someone I’ve been very patient with. It teaches me that sometimes being nice doesn’t pay off so I won’t say I’ll be cruel but I’m just going to be firm and make sure my instructions are clearly understood.

For now….I shall say good night and have a fantastic weekend. I’ll be watching the Thomas Cup finals this Sunday to see if Lin Dan is going to dance again!

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