Carrot Porridge for the Soul

Carrot and Dried Scallop Porridge

Today is not exactly the best of days. It’s one of those that makes you feel blue with nothing really major, just little things here and there that bug you. I have analysed and studied my day and I know why I’m feeling a bit crappy today.

I’ve been pretty bored since last week and to make up the boredom during the day, I watch Korean series at night, which was quite educational in someway, taught me something about life.

Usually when I feel crappy and I have no one to eat with, I will eat junk. Today I made myself cook porridge. Carrot and dried scallop porridge. This is my second time cooking it and it’s so much better than the first time. First time was with too much water, too much rice for myself to finish (perfect for two), not enough dried scallops. This time around, maybe the carrots were more so it tasted sweeter, enough scallops to munch, just perfect for me! Add in a little bit of sesame oil and the aroma makes me feel so happy.

One cute thing that happened today…an ex-colleague texted me, telling me it’s her last day at work and she thought about those that has left, and especially me who used to sit beside her. She also told me she has passed on the notes I gave to her when I left to someone else who is still staying. I don’t have the slightest clue of what notes I gave her but I just felt nice that it’s helpful to someone and after more than 2 years I’ve left that place, she still remembers and is kind enough to send me an SMS out of the blue.

There would be times like now…when you help and guide someone and it benefits them, they are ahead of the race and you are still stuck at the same spot. You know you’re good and you’re capable, which is why you could help and guide others but life isn’t always fair and you know life is never fair. You wonder if it’s all worth it to help someone that far and you don’t get anything in the end. I’m feeling crappy because of this but I want to let this bad feeling go away. The SMS came as a heart warmer…so I want to close this chapter and continue doing my best in whatever I do.

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