Living Happily Ever After

My love for Korean dramas is unquestionable. I’ve completed watching the “Cinderella’s Stepsister” series today. Jumped like a monkey when I saw the last 2 episodes being added to the video streaming website this afternoon, after an agonising week’s wait. Love the OST. Love the cast. Some touching moments that made me cry and I feel so good after crying.

June is a wedding month. Just today, I saw 3 weddings as I was driving around the neighbourhood. I also received 3 wedding invitation this month and the first invitation was tonight,  a wedding dinner of my ex-college mate. I’ve not seen her since we left college and it has been about 8 years or so. I’m happy that I was invited to her wedding even though there wasn’t any familiar faces of our mutual friends in college. I had to bring Iris along so that I wasn’t sitting alone with a table of strangers.

The food at Overseas Restaurant, Hotel Armada was good and the night was very entertaining. I’m happy for her and we share the same surname now that she’s married. 🙂

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