Clean and Fluffy

Ducky is back and I’m glad she’s still in her original size and shape.

Vacuumed and mopped the floor again today because it still feels dusty. And even now I can still feel some dust here and there. I don’t know how many times I’ll need to clean. It’s never-ending!

Changed the bedsheet and did another round of laundry. It’ll take 2-3 rounds of laundry before I can clear the backlog.

I’ve never cleaned so much in a span of 3 days.

I’m sick of eating out. Hoping to cook and eat at home for dinner soon, that’s when I stop being a driver.

Today I left house at 8am to send pappy to KL Sentral for check-in, then dropped him off at Jln Duta. Next, send Iris to work and finally driving myself to work.

I’m impressed and pay salute to husbands or wives or anyone who send their loved ones to work and then pick them up after that on a daily basis. It takes a lot of dedication and patience.

I’m getting used to it as this is my third week.

Good night!


Attended a Punjabi wedding today. Dinner and dance. My first time attending one so it was an eye-opener and a pleasant experience. A lot of singing and dancing. Very pretty Punjabi ladies and very colourful Punjabi suits.

Came home and it was 11pm. The fixing of the water pipes was more dramatic than I expected. Holes were drilled through the dining area, bedroom, toilets so you could imagine the dust it has created. The whole house was like covered with dust. Everything that I touched was layered with dust. Yikes!

I couldn’t stand it so I vacuumed, mopped 2 rounds, did 2 rounds of laundry, folded a pile of clothes, and I feel so exhausted now. I only managed to finish everything close to 2am. I think I’m crazy. I don’t know where I found the zest to clean so late at night.

The good thing with the fix was water power is stronger. Much stronger compared to the years I’ve been staying here. That shows how things were wrong from the start.

The bad side is I’m duck-less. Ducky I presumed was covered with dust even though it wasn’t visible to the eyes because the book lying next to it was dusty!

Ducky is in a laundry shop for her dry cleaning. She hasn’t bathe for years. Haha. Hoping to get her back tomorrow so that she’ll wake up next to me every morning like she usually does.


The pipe burst and instead of my house getting flooded, my neighbour’s house was affected. This is due to the design of the pipe that is linked at the top floor so since I’m at the ground floor, I’m not affected even though the pipe that burst belongs to us.

The water supply to our house has been cut until the pipe is fixed. That would mean a day without water. After work and dinner, we came back, packed our stuff and went to the toilet near the swimming pool to have our bath. Thank God for this toilet!!! Brushed my teeth too before coming back. There is no water but the water wasn’t too cold. In fact, it was quite refreshing. So yea, my life has started to get a little bit more interesting.

Tomorrow we’ll be washing our face and brushing our teeth with the mineral water we got since I don’t  like the idea of wearing my pyjamas, getting to the pool toilet with bleary eyes, bad hair and a stinky mouth. 90 cents for a big bottle. I’ve never bought mineral water that cheap. Hopefully we’ll have the water supply back tomorrow.

Mummy was worried about having no water and she’s not here at the moment.

“Can or not oh?” She asked.

“Ma, we have survival skills, ok?”


(Read in reverse order)

I’m iPhone-less at the moment because I left it in the car and Iris has taken the car so I am missing my little baby.

I’ve been feeling rather bored for the last 2 weeks and feeling very low. I was so bored, I actually cleaned up the living room, folded a mountain full of clothesI need to get out of this mud and be chirpy again.

An ex-schoolmate just added me in Facebook and looking at her photos, I got to learn that she’s a mother now. Too many weddings, too many pregnancies, too many babies, that is happening so I can’t help but feel the pinch. Mum’s also asking again, if I’m out dating. Who am I going out with? I said a bunch of girls. She asked me why. Because I just don’t happen to have a bunch of guy friends. Because the people I have worked with are mostly girls….WHY AR?? The people I work with now are mostly girls too. There are guys but they are all taken.

But I love my girl friends…

But I also wished I had guy friends to hang out with. If you were to ask me when was the last time I actually hang out with a guy, I really don’t know lor….because it seems like I’ve not gone out with someone for a hundred years. And for the record, I have been single for 2 years, the longest in history. Not sure to say if I’m impressed with that. For as long as I have my braces on, that’s how long I’ve been single.

My ex left me because I had braces, I had a new job, I cut my hair short. Maybe it’s not because of that…but it happened when I did all those things…so allow me to just ramble.

My iPhone and Me

…is inseparable.

It would be embarrassing for me to reveal that I’ve only gotten (well, learnt!) to sync my iPhone with iTunes to update the software, sync music, wallpapers and so on after 6 months owning one. And I just discovered I could charge the battery by just plugging in the USB cable to my notebook or desktop computer.


When in doubt, I fire up Safari and google away.

When lost, I Google Map my way.

When bored at work and trying to stay awake, I iPod my ears.

The one thing I love most is the boundless world of applications, anything you can think of. I can check on Twitter, I can blog with WordPress, I can even play the piano. It does really sound like a piano. On nights that I can’t fall asleep, I’ll play Do Re Mi. Not kidding.

This is where I like to go for some nice and creative iPhone wallpapers. Poolga.