Waka waka eh eh

I guess there’ll be many staying up “early” tonight to catch the football match. I shall be asleep by then.

Today I feel better because I had no time to feel sad or bored. I like it when I’m occupied.

Someone commented again today that I’m still quiet. My work doesn’t require me to talk a lot so when I’m doing my work, I don’t see a point in talking. I talk a lot only when I’m teaching someone or when I’m chatting a little with some others. I don’t know what I should do really.

People are coming to me to edit their emails to check for spelling error and correct usage of grammar. Maybe I should be thankful that I’m approachable.

It’s my last day being 27, before going on 28 officially. How does it feel? Time is really really short and emmm fast!

When I’m at this age range, I get to see a lot and I mean a lot of people getting married and many of whom who are married, having their first child. Then I look at myself and I feel like a blank paper.

People are talking about buying their own house while I’m thinking what movies to watch. Note the difference.

I tend to attract people, I mean men that are interested but are not what I’m looking for. Those that in interested are taken. When I get hints of sorts, i become a bad person. I will stop being very friendly because I don’t want to lead the person on. I do of course wonder if I should just throw away my requirements in terms of age and height.

I will just be very honest to say that I prefer someone taller and elder than me. Otherwise it just doesn’t feel right. I don’t like it when I have to walk short and I don’t like to be teaching someone younger. I need a mentor, not becoming a babysitter.

There might be exception though when if the person is right but he may be shorter and younger. The only problem is sometimes when I get to know both facts already, my switch will automatically turn off, there’s hardly chance to get it turned back on so easily.

I’ve been measuring my height with strangers or non-strangers in the lift, outside the lift and I can summarise that the ratio of guys shorter than me is very high. It’s alarming. Hence, my thoughts and feelings.

I don’t want friends who are shorter than me to start hating me. I’m just stating my personal preference. The problem is with me and it’s really not about you.

One thing’s for sure, I need a holiday. I’ve not had any days off since Chinese new year and I haven’t plan any till December. I would like to go hibernate in one of the villas in Bali and hope I have someone who would come with me.

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  1. Firstly, Happy Belated Birthday!

    Secondly, I understand how you feel about people around you getting married and having kids! I still feel surreal whenever I see my friends walking in to gatherings with their hubbies and tots :S

    Thirdly, IMHO, requirements for partners are more like guidelines for us. We shouldn’t follow it to a T cause sometimes, when we do find people who matched all our requirements, we find that, the chemistry might be lacking or they might have a terrible flaw that we just simply cannot live with. Having a height requirement is valid but try opening your heart to maturity instead of age. I have dated men whom are much older than me (max 10 years older) but can be so immature, especially during a break up! A few years back, I will never, ever date a younger man cause I had the same thinking you did. Now, I’m dating someone who is a year younger but who is much more mature than the older men I’ve dated my entire life, so go figure. Then again, to each his own so I’ll be hoping together with you that your match will show up soon enough to stand by you through thick and thing.

    Fourthly, do go for a holiday soon if you’re feeling burnt out! You will require more time to recover if you burnt out before you go away.

    Overall, I hope being 28 will bring more adventures (good ones, of course!) your way and make it even more memorable compared to last year :)

  2. Thanks Gracie for letting me see things in another perspective. Won’t be able to take a long holiday but I’ve decided to take a day off next week, just to do things I want to do or to do just nothing at all

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