Happy Birthday!

Mummy called at around 11:30pm to tell me she’s going to wish me birthday only tomorrow morning. Very funny.

Pappy called around 5 minutes before 12 midnight and told me he won’t be free to call me tomorrow so he’s calling me now after coming back from a meeting. He said he won’t be able to buy me dinner tomorrow. I said it’s okay. He said he’ll buy me dinner when he comes over. I said okay.

As I was still on the phone with Pappy, Iris came into the room holding a cake lighted with candles. I was too engrossed on watching the new Korean series “Bread, Love and Dreams” (this one is a must watch. First episode and I’m hooked!) that when Iris came home, my eyes were glued to the TV and I didn’t notice her walking in with a cake.

Then, we ate a small piece of cake because I had already brushed my teeth and when she was holding the cake, I had my shower cap on my head and the other hand trying to catch hold of the camera to snap this picture for you. Opened my present. Thanks to those who have wished me as of time of writing. 1:26am. Love you all!

Oh yes, I’m 28!

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