I’m still awake and looking for trouble. Bad skin is first in the list.

You know the world is changing when you get most of your birthday wishes on Facebook.

A friend called from Australia to wish me even though she’s one day late. That’s nice.

Had lunch with a friend today and had our dose of girl talk. Simple and it makes me happy. It’s moments like these that I cherish a lot. It’s not easy to maintain being good friends over a long period and I wish for many many years of friendship with her.

On my birthday as always, I reflect a lot on the past, where I was last birthday, what happened last year, what I plan to do, what I should really do…

I celebrated birthday last year with a friend but we are not really good friends anymore after knowing what she did. I may have forgive but I’ll never forget. The hurt is still there I guess and I’ve told myself not to be friends with people who hurt me. Again, only time can heal. Last year friends, this year not longer anymore, how dramatic.

Then there’s this ex who never fails to wish me every year. I don’t think I wished him on his past 1 or 2 birthdays. He calls me not Grace but by my Chinese name. People calling me by my Chinese name is so rare nowadays.

He’s attached now. Thanks to Facebook too in letting you know things without having to ask the person and sometimes without seeking for it, it just pops up at your face.

What I like most about last birthday is getting a birthday card at the office, couriered to me by my father. Pappy has never failed to be with me every birthday. He couldn’t make it last year so he made sure the card has to reach me. He couldn’t make it this year because of work but I totally understand that.

It is Pappy that has taught me to treat special occasions by putting your heart into it. I don’t know how to describe it but he’s just sensitive and he makes sure you are celebrated and you are important. Never forgotten.


I’m crying like a pig writing this.

It will be double trouble. Bad skin and swollen eyes.

I will be travelling in 2-3 months to a place so faraway for work, most likely for a couple of weeks. You can say it’s also my birthday present since I received the email on my birthday itself. I don’t always get chances like this so I look forward to this experience.

Learning to cook better is definitely one of the highlights I’ve installed for myself. Do you know that cooking requires courage? It’s like driving. The longer you drive, you handle the steering wheel so much better. I want it to be a few years down the road, I can simply cook something and not having to worry if it taste fine because I’ll be skilled by then to cook anything that will just be tasty.


Tears have dried up. Time to sleep.

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  1. Hey Grace. Just checked in coz I haven’t been around for so long. This place is looking nice man! Good good good. Your what is she up to twitter feed is broken from here btw.

    Hope you’re feeling much better than when you wrote this post!

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